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  1. Thanks, she is Cindy Mello indeed!!!
  2. Hello everybody, Would you be able to identify this RVCA model? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello, Is there somebody able to identify this woman? Thanks!!!
  4. Thanks a lot, you are definitely a genius!!!
  5. Hello, Does anybody know the names of these two models wearing Calarena stuff? Or maybe it is just the same model... Thanks!!!
  6. Thanks for your answer! Yes, I think you are totally right, I have checked and she was a model for RCVA, the company that produced those bikinis. Thanks again!
  7. Hello, Is there anybody able to identify this nice brunette? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello, I am really sorry for my very late answer. Indeed, I had not seen your message. Judging by the photo you attached, that model is Meghan Amelia. You are a genius! It looks like her face is different now, possibly she had surgery, what do you think about that? By the way, I find her even more attractive now, even if I am not a huge fan of fitness models. Thanks a lot!!!
  9. Does anybody know her name?
  10. Hello! Any news about the two models in the pictures?
  11. Hello,

    Is it you the girl in the picture?

  12. I don't know which is the "original" source. I found it a lot of time ago on a forum where a guy was asking for somebody to identify her... On the other hand, I found the first photo on Gettyimages or something like that. Thanks again!
  13. Hello!!! Since you seem to be an expert, I woudl like to ask you if you could also identify these two ones... I have been trying to find out their names for a long time, but without success... Thanks a lot!!!
  14. Hello, Does anybody know the name of this model? Thanks in advance!
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