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  1. In some of her pics she looks ok, but her face is too boring for my tastes.
  2. Happy Birthday Isabeli Fontana!
  3. gajaxx the pics are beautiful!
  4. I can see the model's face just fine. Now, perhaps it's just me, but I don't even have to strain. Yes, Bianca looks beautiful in this picture, but it does NOT FIT THE THEME. Her dress screams Wal-Mart sales rack, not high fashion which is what the theme is. One suggestion of the theme: Big hair, heavy make up, gorgeous gown. Uhm, why am I not seeing ANY of these? Messy hair is not big hair. The gown is horrendous. Second suggestion: Something edgy and different. Yep, nothing edgy or different about this. Yawn. Seen it all before. Now Inguna's picture, no heavy make-up or big hair ON EITHER GIR
  5. How can it be about make up and expression when you can't see the models face? Bianca looks beautiful, you can see her make up and you can see her face clearly. You see her clothes and you actually know which one is her. In Inguna's pic you can't even see which one is her!! I could aswell be voting for the other model in the pic. it's not supposed to be about who the model IS Well people do vote for their favorites and for their friends favorites so yes it is about who the model is.
  6. none most look like bimbos
  7. yea! It happened when Isabeli was in the competition too, In real life she is MUCH more famous than Tiiu and much more beautiful yet Tiiu won. I understand that Liya didn't win but she is still more beautiful than Eugenia IMO Inguna's pic sucks, I mean people who don't know Inguna won't even know which one is her in the pic... Jessica is ugly but her pic is good this week.Maybe the judges will be fair.... It helps to have friends on here that will vote he for your favorite model..This will be my last time repping I guess because mostly the comp is just about who has the most friends on here th
  8. Hey everybody! Please go vote for Bianca! She really needs your votes! She is much more beautiful than both the other girls combined. Go vote now!! http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=5332&st=20
  9. Guys start posting HIGH FASHION!!!
  10. 1.Virgin: a. b. c, 2.Vamp: a. b. c. d. e. f. g.
  11. Everybody go vote for Bianca!
  12. Hey all Isabeli fans! I made a site for Isabeli, it's far from being done...But I try to update every week. http://isabeli9fontana.multiply.com/
  13. This week's shoot: Vintage/Retro. Reps, your task is to find a picture in which your model has an overall vintage/retro look (so pay close attention to the styling - clothing, hair, makeup). You can choose any era you want as long as it's pre-80s. You may want to choose a pic where your model looks like a 40s Hollywood movie star, a 20s flapper, or a 50s housewife. Here are some examples of pics that would work: My choices: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  14. Isabeli Fontana Adriana Lima Ana Beatriz Barros Fabiana Tambosi Caroline Ribeiro Raica Oliveira Fernanda Tavares
  15. Can somebody do me a big favour and post some Isabeli animations.
  16. Welcome to the first round of BZNTM Cycle 3! This week
  17. yea red makes her eyes SPaRKLE even more
  18. Thanks for the pics She looks amazing!!!
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