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  1. Brazilian beauty Ana Carolina Reston, 21, starved herself to death. November 16, 2006 -- A beautiful but weight-obsessed Brazilian model, who worked for some of New York's top agencies, has starved herself to death. Ana Carolina Reston was only 21. At the time of her death, the dark-haired, 5-foot-7 stunner - a client of renowned agencies including Ford, Elite and L'Equipe - weighed only 88 pounds. She was hospitalized in Sao Paulo, Brazil, after suffering kidney failure on Oct. 25, the day before she was scheduled to go to Paris for a photo shoot. "She didn't like when you asked her to ea
  2. Stunning! She looks like Liv and Laetitia
  3. Ana was absolutely gorgeous, but she still is!
  4. lmao All the other models were and still are beautiful, but OHMY Kate was always ugly :x
  5. Gisele Vlada Gemma Ward Lily Cole ........ :shock: ( her face literally looks like this smiley) Jessica Stam Heather Marks Kate Moss Marissa Miller Lily Donaldson Sasha Pivavirova Hana Soukupova As you can see I don't like anorexic/baby faced models. Kirsten Dunst Jessica Simpson Devon Aoki ----the face :yuckky: Anne Hatthaway Renee Zelwegger
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isabeli_Fontana
  7. http://isabeli9fontana.multiply.com/
  8. The only one that is pretty is Sylvia. The others are bleehhh :yuckky: ahahah
  9. Stunning! I like that she is not stick thin, she looks so athletic and womanly.
  10. Keep the pics coming! She looks beautiful!
  11. She is beautiful! Looks like Fabiana,Adriana,IsaBELI,,,
  12. cute: Gemma Ward pretty; Julia stegner sexy: Adriana Lima/ Isabeli Fontana
  13. She's beautiful! Falls in the categoty of all the classic beauties. Looks like Adriana, Isabeli, Bianca, all the dark hair ,light eyes, beautiful girls.
  14. COUNTRIES THAT HAVE WON THE MOST MISS WORLD TITLES 1 Venezuela 5 1 India 5 3 United Kingdom 4 4 Sweden 3 4 Jamaica 3 4 Netherlands 3 7 United States 2 7 South Africa 2 haha we rock! 7 Iceland 2 7 Finland 2 7 Argentina 2 COUNTRIES THAT HAVE WON THE MOST COMBINED MISS WORLD TITLES AND MISS UNIVERSE TITLES EXCLUDING MISS AMERICA AND MISS UNITED KINGDOM 1 Venezuela 9 2 India 7 3 Sweden 6 4 Puerto Rico 5 5 Netherlands 4 5 Finland 4 7 Trinidad and Tobago 3 7 Brazil 3 7 South Africa 3
  15. she is beautifil! I need to update her site again! hehe So anybody wanna help with isabeli9fontana.multiply.com?
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