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  1. yes..she needs more love...

  2. ahoj! promin ze odpovidam az ted, ale vubec jsem si nevsimla tveho commentu. no, mam se dobre, diky. A ty??

  3. I mean that your "long time" avatar. model with dark brown and white shirt. I think she wasnt isabeli. BTW, what is your name??? and how are you??? kiss:))

  4. lol Brno..firstime when i saw your nickname I had in my head this city :rofl:

    wow! I live in Vysocany - its really close to Prosek!! its few bus stops! lol Did you drive around town in a bus?? If yes, im sure you were really really close to my home. or if you traveled by tube I bet you were in Vysocanska!?

  5. Thank you!

    wish you happy new year too!!

  6. I love your siggy <3 cindy is gorgeous

  7. ok but not older than 2 years

  8. hello theron:) thank you for nice poll, I love it <3

  9. hehehe I think so ;)

  10. sicily, it sounds great!!!

    But ints not so bad here. I have tons of frineds here and when Im not trying to start internet Im with them :laugh:

  11. hello!!

    I LOVE your beautiful set with gorgeous Irina!!! :woot:

  12. hello enca! Im sorry for late reply, Im tooo busy :( I miss you! tell me some news!!

    happy holidays!!!

  13. happy holidays to Ireland!!!! ;)

    Is there snow???

  14. thank you girl, happy new yeart to you too :)

    big kiss to france!!!

  15. Hi!

    Yes....still single :(

  16. happy holidays dear Francy :heart:

  17. awww darling thank you :) happy new year to you too dear enca :kiss:

  18. thank you for set! I can't believe it!s your first time..very good work, I love it. thanks!

  19. hehe thank you boy :kiss:

    happy new year to you too

    how are you?

  20. I HOPE HAVEN'T GONE AGAIN! how are you?

  21. happy holidays dear bella!!!!

  22. happy new year dear ire!!! :kiss:

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