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  1. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. thank you Joe! Merry Christmas! :)

  3. Hello :D

    She's Linda Vojtova :)

  4. napisu ti do tveho "thread" :D

  5. cauky :)) jak se vede?? dlouho jsme se "nevidely" :D Kdo je ta posledn

  6. I love your avatar! ;))))

  7. It's the best year!! and 90's children are the best, cleverest and most beautiful! lol :D :D :D

    Dziękuję Layla!

  8. Yes, haven't talked for ages! :( I'm ok, some weeks ago I graduated so I'm very relaxed now :D How about you?

    Thank you! ;)))

  9. hehehe I think so ;)

  10. thank you! I hope you're having a great christmas time with your family! <3

  11. hello dear, I'm so busy last weeks, I have no time for msn..lol

  12. hello! hmmm you were in prague, right? did you like my city?? :P

  13. no news lol how about you? I missed you so much!

  14. heey! I miss you! how have you been??

  15. I HOPE HAVEN'T GONE AGAIN! how are you?

  16. hahahah :D you made my day :)) thank you!

  17. hi! can you tell me who is that girl in your set???

  18. have you noticed we have often the same taste in cometitions/polls??? haha ;)

  19. who's that girl in your set? she's pretty <3

  20. hello theron:) thank you for nice poll, I love it <3

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