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  1. Your feeling is correct @ArianaVSCouture 🤩 I know that FMD is not always correct but given the fact that it’s really hard to find any runways runway photos and she herslef said she does not like shows, I assumed that there is not much to find. These photos you shared really made my day, thank you so much for posting (and keep them coming 😛)! I love this kind of surprise!
  2. @ArianaVSCouture yessss it is her! I’ve never seen these, thank you so much!!! Do you have some more? 😇
  3. Omg yes🤩🤩🤩thank you @ArianaVSCouture, these are new to me!
  4. I can think only of charitable show for Tereza Maxova foundation from 2005 (Nadace Terezy Maxove). I uploaded them to this thread. I have a huge collection of Veronika’s photos, but runway pics are extremely rare. She herfelf said that she was never runway model and that she hated doing shows.
  5. According to FMD, she walked these shows: Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 1998 {Jean Charles de Castelbajac, Ralph Lauren} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 1998 {Chanel, Fendi, Krizia, Salvatore Ferragamo} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2001 {Lolita Lempicka}
  6. I had no idea! But makes sense to me now - i tried to contact her once through DM, telling her I was huge fan of hers and that I used to run her fan sites and she never responded. To be honest I expected at least a thank you 😬
  7. @SamiotWhile Daniela is still working as a model, VV is basicslly fully retired. She has an editorial here and there in czech Elle or some mag, she occassionaly attends an event, but that´s it. She focuses on african wildlife (conservationists, investnents etc), she even completed masters degree because of this and basically all her recents eds and interviews are connected to this particular cause. I suggest you follow her on ig (czechstervv), she is kind of active there. I’ve been always fan of hers (gosh I love her face) and miss new modeling shots of her, wish she was more visible (just like Daniela) but I respect her decision to step down as a model to follow her passion. However, she shares selfies on her ig, so we have at least something
  8. Omg thank you @Minerva13, I did not expect to see unseen photos of her! What a surprise! I love the Mustang jeans ad and the ed, thanks!!! ❤️
  9. ve.ro.nika


    I'm busy to tell you about while interview but she says that she's not with Lamothe anymore but they are still friends and she's in love again. Other than that there's nothing new. She's travelling a lot, she won't talk about her new boyfriend, she has happy hearts etc etc. Nothing new.
  10. OMG :shock: Miche, that's amazing! Congratuations! When the others get their gift I hope you'll share with us what is inside
  11. I think it might be Sofia Resing from castings, she has very similar body type.
  12. Zena a zivot July 2015, Czech republic
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