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  1. i know! she looks different back in the days..did she get he nose done?

  2. the ed was kinda boring..KL work did not do doutzy justice! i like all the spring colors though..lol! this is what he said about kimora when he found out that she designed clothes..he said she's a cheap version of his 5000$ collections..haha!(she was one his fav. chanel models back in the days that he even used her as his muse) his comment is kinda true, baby ohat is kinda..

  3. LARA: i wish she wouldn't open her mouth so much! i still remember her runway accident. that was hilarious!

  4. my thoughts are exactly te same! i just hope it turned out well. he better be nice to doutzy! i know he can be blunt and has lots to say about someone he doesn't really like, like what he said to kimora lee when she became a designer..haha!

  5. i love your signatures, btw =)

  6. great! how about you?

  7. she's ghetto dutch..haha! maybe, her ancestors are americans?? hehe

  8. i didn't even know lara was dutch until recently..haha! i thought she was american. she's one crazy chick..with all the money that's she's making she should at least get her teeth fixed! i eassily get distracted by her teeth when i watch her videos. haha

  9. lily donalduck..buahahha!!! i absolutely cannot stand her walk...arghh!!! annoying! i can't believe she even get runway jobs with that walk. i was watching lara stone's catwalk..haha..hilarious!

  10. yeah, the Loreal pics is lil photoshop >< i believe it was a lake uganda or some type of river over there..lol! i'm sure VS wanted behati and chanel for PINK to attract more of the teens..PINK angels ?!? haha!! i'm really hoping that doutzy will become one coz her pictures are plastered all over the website. i just love that she's not afraid to try anything and do

  11. date..not a lot of ppl aren't going to like it but we can't really dictate or say a damn thing about her personal life.. i just saw her on my walmart store today.yes! i hope a US commercial will come soon ^^

  12. i wish blom would put the translation along the vid. she ate a cricket or cockroach...eck! she even said it was good..haha! i think she likes all types but i guess black men turns her own more or dark skinned guys..her first and last were bf were in that category..LOL! i heard she dated this australian actor dude..who knows? and who cares! it's really up to her who she wants to

  13. just watch the vid. of doutzy and i didn't understand a thing! >< i wish someone would translate it! love the chimpazee part though, so cute ^^

  14. i heart valentina too bad she wont be able to do any VS shows for now coz of her contract with RL! showbizindia.com it's ch. 8 =)

  15. i'm busy with school..i have written about 5 essays just this month. my professor doesn't give a damn about my other classes and it's passing and no passing grade class, i'm getting severe headache just thinking about how the hell i'm going to start my papers..driving me crazy! what about you?

  16. i almost got u confuse with another user..lol! u both have familiar user id excpet he/she is sammy21

  17. nope! no vid. available =) it's local ch. but i'm sure they show it there too coz ch. is going national! ur back in school? i heard the auburn too..really sad!

  18. she had a crush on tom ford and she didn't care that he was gay! she's tipsy on this interview..lol

  19. i live in the city! the closest mountain to me is about an 3 hours.

  20. omg! i just saw ujjwala on showbiz india! absolutely gorgeous =)

    she got thinner compare to vsfs 2003! she should def. do VSFS this year! she's so beautiful ^^

  21. aww, that sux! what is she doing now?

  22. hey you!! i'm starting to love behati for VS pink more so than Miranda =) she has that vibe that i love about her.. anyhoo, how you been? bc w/ work, school..hear the news of the student president in NC univ. shot n found dead on the streets.. that's really sad!

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