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    DOUTZEN SHOW i doubt it
  2. Requesting a nice siggy of Doutzen, Candice, and Marina(in order) I want the Backstage photos as the main layout then Runway pics somewhat in the middle or in the bottom of the backstage pics. with their name of course, and put Foreverdoutzen in the middle bottom of the siggy
  3. agree agree her walk reminds me of karolina's k. walk..so elegant and graceful. she's in my top 2
  4. thanks for the vs pics love your sig. annafb
  5. :woot: thanks a million with the candids guys
  6. yes, she's beautiful and more beautiful in the inside :wub2:
  7. love the versace look, she always looks so beautiful on the runway
  8. out of the three outfits, i like the black corset better
  9. give it chance guys/gals it might look better in the actual show i kinda agree on the green outfit..doutzen does not have hipsss
  10. sorry boyss.. she's married and pregnant
  11. i love the one where she's holding the bags thank you
  12. i hate the stage. i feel sorry for those who paid 20+K for a seat and not really get a good view of the model and lingerie..lol!!

  13. i know, right! i love every second of it esp. doutzen's part. it was breath taking. i'm so worried about the stage this year. there is no runway =( i was hoping for a long one too..agh!!

  14. i love that cover of numero too bad there is no editorial
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