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  1. i know! CLINTON! his husband, i think was one of the best president we've had. then bush came in to the picture n screwed out country..lol!! i can't believe my parents voted for him. who are btw are republicans. YUCK! i'm glad huckabee is getting a lot votes coz i can't stand mccain!

  2. didnt expect that! awesome to see her rank in the top 5!! so does that mean she has another big contract coming?

  3. ur lucky that u don't see them that often! we live in the same city to it's hard to avoid him yeah know! well, enjoy ur weekend!! i'm going shopping..hehe!!

  4. i think clinton will win the election..yah, i thought patriots was going to win..oh well, i wasn't really paying attetion.. the only reason why i have watch it is because of TOM BRADY..lol!

  5. i'm used to seeing death bodies but for some reason dissecting them still erkss me. it isn't as bad as dissecting a rat which i had to do for my biology class and i freaking freaked out when i cut it, then their was a baby inside..ekkk!!!

  6. i know obama is really catching up!! his ppl are working really hard and i hope that goes with clinton too! what other state are they still waiting for?? i'm not paying attention anymore..haha!! i really don't like mccain he will be another bush so i'm going for HUCKABEE i'm praying he wins the republican side..hehe!!

  7. hey! thnx for dropping by my page =)

    it was hot in the mountain..eckk! my trip went well even though their were few ice left. snowboarding was fun fun.. until, my ass started to hurt..lol! few bumps here and there..

  8. nursing school is about 4 yrs! 2 yrs of GE then 2 yrs of prequisite.(sux, if ur on the waiting list) then CNA..blah..blah..i only have 2 more sems. left and i'm good to go! ^>^ it also depends on what school you attend coz sum schools requires you take more classes. It varies! nursing is very much on demand right now! and what's great is u have an option to work anywhere

  9. u please! travelling def.!(one of the perks) i usually travel during my breaks so that's a problem at all!!

  10. i'm watching project runway rigth now and guess who u remind me of? christian..lol.u guys have like the same hairstyle!! haha

  11. i'm watching project runway right now and guess who u remind me of? christian..lol.u guys have like the same hairstyle!! haha

  12. sam, you'll finally get to meet doutzen..the add is on her thread..she's going to promote with ANDRIANA!!!

  13. THANKS SWEETIE! isn't it cute? lol

    does lily have myspace? i know stupid question..haha

  14. alexmcqueen n john galliano are by far the king/queens of HC! i always wonder if anyone actually wears their HC collection like for Halloween? haha!! i really like the Japanese/geisha collection that dior did last season. that was amazing!!

  15. goodluck with dental school!!! i'm sending you good karmas =)

  16. i have feeling that Christian might win but i also like the other contestants like "chubby" chris =)

  17. i have my doubts but you know adriana deserves the fantasy bra..LOL!! douzen may be chosen to be an angel or near future but i dont think she'll get the "bra" anytime soon. it would be nice though. i really hope we see her in this year vsfs since they are making it classier this year. oh yeah, her face seem to have lost weight..LOL!!

  18. for nursing your only dissecting human bodies. it also depends on your class..i mean i had to dissect different things on my biology class but it was mostly animal parts..

  19. Jillian yeah she's pretty good too! but christian i think will the cake ^.^

    mcqueens work is a lil extreme! i remember that one collection where the models wore that heavy metal on their head..haha!! lindsay almost had a runway accident..it was too heavy!

  20. hi! ur from TFS right?!?!

    welcome to BZ =)

  21. i always forget but i love ur avi. the natasha one where she's dancing..grl can move..lol!! luv ur new one too..hopefully, we will see fernanda in this yrs VSFS =)

  22. LOL!!! sure, as soon as i find it!!!

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