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  1. you can't have it..ahahah!!! here is the love bug http://i40.tinypic.com/2gxhdvl.gif

  2. hey joe! sorry for not responding to your msg. i havent been here in ages..do you still want the anime avatar? LOL!

  3. LOL!!! sure, as soon as i find it!!!

  4. i hate the stage. i feel sorry for those who paid 20+K for a seat and not really get a good view of the model and lingerie..lol!!

  5. i know, right! i love every second of it esp. doutzen's part. it was breath taking. i'm so worried about the stage this year. there is no runway =( i was hoping for a long one too..agh!!

  6. i'm glad to see fernanda looking better than ever. natasha better be there but her weight is yet again an issue. she's a stick at the moment! i;m just excited, the time is going so fast..i better see fierce models on the catwalk, amazing lengerie, if not it would be another flop!!

  7. of course i want doutzen to shine since she is the latest vs angel. i'm just worried she's becoming a bit bulky..LOL!!iono =( nyhow, i'm hoping for natasha to makes a comeback. she works that runway like there is no tomo. FIERCE. psssttt!! (gain some weight) fernanda is back so looking forward to see her.

  8. hahaha. someone mentioned it on vsholic. i dunno..LOL!!nyhoo, she's great for VSFS..hope to see her there.

  9. awww, sam!! you'll make it!! what do you expect? it's dentistry! nothing comes easy. just have faith!!!

  10. for nursing your only dissecting human bodies. it also depends on your class..i mean i had to dissect different things on my biology class but it was mostly animal parts..

  11. i'm used to seeing death bodies but for some reason dissecting them still erkss me. it isn't as bad as dissecting a rat which i had to do for my biology class and i freaking freaked out when i cut it, then their was a baby inside..ekkk!!!

  12. celinnnneeeeee!!! miss yeah n your crazy ramdomness.LOL!!! i havent seen you there for ages!! too bz in racquel's thread? pay us a visit once in while why wont you!!!

  13. human anatomy is fun..hehe!!!

    China is a lot smaller than Chinatown there in NYC but i think it's smells better. LOL!! i almost throw up when i went to chinatown during my last trip there. the smell was really bad and it was hecka dirty. ekk!!

  14. 24 hours of work is great! i would never go back to retail. i had enough of cleaning after ppl's mess. then irresponsible parents leaving their kids behind in the department store. drove me nuts!!

  15. so you have never been to SF? it's really no different from NYC. the only difference is the size. what i hate though is the rats at night. disgusting i wish they all burn in hell, i cannot stand them >.<

  16. ignore the last two sentence. what i meant by that is those who are in the waiting list must take an exam before they can be accepted into the program. thank god i'm not one of them.

  17. i'm graduating this spring but i need about 1 month to study in a review center coz they change the exam all the time. math part is really hard and i'm really dumb when it comes to calculating..it makes me nauseous just thinking about it. i feel bad for those who are in the waiting list coz before they can be accepted they have to take an exam to get into the program. thank god i'm not

  18. i only work 24 hours mostly on the weekends. i have no problem with it because coz i can still do whatever i want during my spare time. SF is like NYC!! it's good that your parents help you choose your career but i think it should be something that your going to love and enjoy. some ppl just work for the money and i believe you should enjoy both!!!

  19. yeah four years of hell..haha!! i was like that too during my high school years, i was so undecided but because my families are all in the health profession i decided i might as well join "group." it's my last year but im worried about the state exam..aghh!!!

  20. is dentistry something that you wanted to do or your parents push you to pursue that major? you must be miserable with you class? first year right? it's always tough but if you look at the positive side, it well be worth at the end!!!

  21. right now i work in a clinical research facility. it's pretty boring coz i set around 90% of the time but the pay is great! haha!!! dental hygiene does make a lot and you can work with your own schedule.

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