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  1. whats annoying is people who when you tell them something about your day absolutley have to counter with something to "top" what youve just said. :| its not a competition jeez.
  2. I think a lot of people know the tomb raider/Mr and Mrs Smith Angie, and are less aware of some of her past roles, such as Gia, Girl Interrupted and Bone Collector. Obviously she was doing something right considering the schwag of golden globes she won plus an oscar. Currently i think her interests are more on aid work and children, shes not picking the roles which will challenge her or play games with her emotions. So thusly i think shes picking the highest paid roles to persue aid interests and those that most accomodate her lifestyle (i.e. a focus on her children etc). Rolling straight onto Brad. I think the big question everyone needs to ask is who is more at fault? The sexy single, or the man who left his wife. Whilst both are at fault... one is most definatley more responsible, and unfortunatley HE is not the one copping all the flack for it. I put a 5 because i absolutley lurve the sexy wild angie of the past who excelled and chose brilliant roles. And now, i also admire the calmer more settled angie and all the aid work she does and the passion shes put into motherhood.
  3. omigosh a kristen bell thread great photo selection everyone thanks! Viva La Veronica Mars!!!
  4. no, i have ended up in mud however have you ever spilt hot liquid on your keyboard? if so did the keyboard survive?
  5. isnt this general "babe" discussion. what are your eyes doing up in here lazy?
  6. the music and the entertainment industry? have you ever run the wrong way up an escalator?
  7. sth.. sth.. stthhh.... oh! something!!! oh well ive walked on water a couple of times. have you ever taken candy from a baby?
  8. Seth MacFarlane speaks at harvard: he does stewie, quagmire and peter. Intro http://www.spikedhumor.com/articles/34572/...ard_1_of_4.html Peter http://www.spikedhumor.com/articles/34573/...ard_2_of_4.html Stewie http://www.spikedhumor.com/articles/34577/...ard_3_of_4.html Quagmire http://www.spikedhumor.com/articles/34582/...ard_4_of_4.html
  9. fabulous uniform? no have you ever attacked somone with a mobile phone or some other communications device?
  10. nope! its on my to do list tho have you ever run a marathon?
  11. ^ inclined to agree, pure basass hotness right there.
  12. :| no but my dogs wandered into the house covered in ants have you ever gotten citrus juice in your eyes?
  13. dear god ive had my skin peel off :| have you ever dropped a tv?
  14. hmm yes, ive had one climb on my head too. have you ever cried during an exam?
  15. Apartheid, Nelson Mandella, AIDS issue, Oprah did her christmas kindness special there..
  16. daydreamed about someone in a crowd being naked cause they were hot? perhaps have you ever had a kitten use you as a climbing wall?
  17. yup double standards. ive seen people get all like oh why me! why are <insert your minority here> so discriminated against then 2 seconds later turn around and hate on someone else. :|
  18. did someone make an unfortunate mistake
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