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  1. Rhett! not just a scoundrel, also a painkiller! Buy now! hmm what happened to me today - Burnt Myself Cooking - stabbed myself in the hand with the tip of a knife - net went down for something close to four hours - accidentally broke part of a telephone wall outlet.. thingy by moving my modem too fast im somewhat retarded
  2. naw i just get annoyed when i cant understand a post and as just demonstrated, translaters suck
  3. really? i thought you were grievanced. which confused me. *kicks translator* but anyway *narrows eyes* no more of that heathen tongue around the llama
  4. Je suis SICK OF THE FRENCH SPEAK! <_< all i know in french is threesome, hello, and yes. put in the correct order that might work out well for me...
  5. lol why dont you two strip down and oil up and settle things the classical way. Naked man on man wrestling.
  6. anyway your doing fine in the list stakes as far as i can see. now fill the damn thing out :|. Feel free to list your self in every category if you deem fit. Just... surrender to my will! Edit: outposted again <_< this was for rhett
  7. oh rhett. I didnt include such category as Suavest of suave, and studlyest of studmuffins, hunkiest of hunks and most dashing of... daschounds because i fear if your ego is inflated any further it may just explode. Quite painful i hear. Messy too.
  8. rhett it may excite you to know that my parents might be moving to shanghi. You may just get an bellazonian located in Asia after all. if they can pry me away from the motherland that is.
  9. *bites you* you know i kid but maybe i shoulda added in a drama queen category for you! whatever your talking about its a bit like oh PS thanks for using the carefully bolded template i made in my first post <_<
  10. now pick up the shattered pieces of your ego and fill it out!
  11. just because you suck doesnt mean you shouldn't participate you two
  12. The Funniest: Ben, Rhett The Most Creative: Ashley, Meghan <_< i hate you both. The Sport Fanatic: Edwiener, Hervert The Entertainer: Nicoler, Ben The Shy one: Ben :| The Bold one: Ben The Blabber Mouth: Ben and Ed The Most Talented: Nicoler (when the day comes when i am in custody for indecent exposure, will you be my lawyer? Your reasoning and arguments are watertight and brilliant) The One you love Chatting to the most: Nicoler The Priceless One: Ed, Ben, Nicole have all come out with some shiners, also Rhett. The Strong one: Any combination of the power of three (nicole, Ashley, Meghan) *cowers* The one you can really talk to: Nicole The one that can make you smile: ermph.. Nicole (altho sometimes... <_<), Ed The Sweet one: Andrea The Smart one: Nicole The trouble-maker: Rhett The Silent Hero: Josh, Captain Snow! The Writer: Nicoler The one you miss the most: Chicken *sobs loudly* The one whose always there for you: Nicole - like literally she wont piss off
  13. Inspired by the cool thread, here is a more broken down list of attributes to list members by. Rules: 1. Only post your list once. If youve forgotten someone, just edit your old post. 2. ONLY POST ONCE! seriously i will kill you. 3. Try not to list more than say 3 people per category if you please 4. Try and list people who actually fit the descriptions, rather than just your friends or people that have listed you. They know you love em so its not neccecary. get it? got it? good. We shall commenceth. Who is... The Funniest: The Most Creative: The Sport Fanatic: The Entertainer: The Shy one: The Bold one: The Blabber Mouth: The Most Talented: The One you love Chatting to the most: The Priceless One: The Strong one: The one you can really talk to: The one that can make you smile: The Sweet one: The Smart one: The trouble-maker: The Silent Hero: The Writer: The one you miss the most: The one whose always there for you: I'll fill mine out later all that bolding bored me. and y'all better use it i swear!
  14. August 2006 Shape Magazine Credit: www.bastardly.com and err *squints at the watermarks* kirsten bell online
  15. the start of schindlers list. the sound was screwed on the tape and it was 3am.. i surrendered.
  16. welcome! i like your av! and i like adriana aaand wow lookit it seems like youve actually read the forum rules . Undoubtedly you are going to be very liked here.
  17. I think it's a bit late for that, LUDWIG VON RHETTALANFY. that's not my real name. my real name is S yeah? how do you pronounce that?
  18. scratch watermelons, today i want to be a strawberry! lovely wallpapers thanks lox!
  19. Jolie cast as Tigress in animated "Kung Fu Panda" http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/newsArticl..._0_UK-JOLIE.xml
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