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  1. Great fan made video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MECLbd5cx9Q&feature=plcp Can´t be seen in Germany thanks to GEMA
  2. The shooting in Zermatt was for H&M
  3. Thank you...It´s for H&M ( makeup artist Mark Carrasquillo twitter; on 27.Jun;In switzerland for H&M zermatt, and on 5.Jul;Just finished H&M winter campaign with Daria) Can't wait to see pictures...hope there'll be a video as well:))
  4. Daria had a campaign shooting in Zermatt /Swiss . more on the Mathias Lauridsen threat
  5. Mathias had a campaign shooting in Zermatt/Swizz for 15 days together with Daria Webowy , Tyson Ballou and photograper Mikael Jansen. Besides the work they seem to have lots of fun, including helicopter flight to the set . More about it on girls.motilo.com/sophia/sophia-hesketh-shoot-inzermatt/
  6. Can't post pictures here with my mobile but I can do it on tumblr. So go to my tumblr blog Munichmarty my favorite things
  7. Mathias got the Calvin Klein White Label Campaign. Think I posted pics from the shooting but I only new it was for Calvin Klein. There is a tiny pic on the fashion spot on the campaign page but sure we get big ones soon :-)
  8. If you are crazy you are not the only one here
  9. Welcome mad world ! As long as you say , that you are a fan of Mathias your English is perfect :-)
  10. Welcome Shay ! Are you a new fan or only decided now to join bellazon ? When you are new I dare to recommend my blog Mathiaslauridsen-danishprince.blogspot.com
  11. more on my blog ! Sorry guys, but as my computer got problems I sit here with a laptop which got windows vista no need to say more
  12. Hugo Boss fashion show Beijing now online : http://www.hugoboss.com/fashionshow/
  13. Hope I am lucky this time, last time I can't see the livestream on my mobile . I complained at Boss facebook , they answered immediately and were really nice .
  14. Hugo Boos Black fashion show today in Bejing, livestream at www.hugoboss.com/. They got lots of handsome guys on the runway
  15. Massimo Dutti summer 2012 video on Massimo Dutti´s facebook and http://mathiaslauridsen-danishprince.blogspot.de/ :drool: :drool: :drool:
  16. Sorry, the only versions I got. I always post the biggest pix possible. Tried to find the origin of the pixs but nothing. Guess it's from a photographers portfolio .
  17. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  18. Just A Light Coat DETAILS — MAY 2012 JUST A LIGHT COAT photographer: Robbie Fimmano stylist: Benjamin Sturgill
  19. For the moment the problem is solved ! All pictures from Massimo Dutti are on photobucket and on my blog !
  20. Forgot to say : Massimo Dutti summer 2012 These are the best ! Going to post the rest after my nervous breakdown
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