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  1. hey just wanna say that i love your set!!

    Chace is gorgeous!!

  2. brillllliant to see her back on the runway! she looks amazing
  3. oh my, didn't think that anyone would remember me! but yep i am!
  4. can someone please make me a chace crawford/gossip guys set? ^_^ <--this one in the middle. thanks in advance!
  5. Tilly


    Hey, does anyone have those pics of Adri where she's holding a camera, and taking a photo [not the VS ones]? I think it was a photoshoot but I'm not sure. If anyone could please, please post them [or give me the link] I'll be soooo grateful!
  6. Claudia Claudia Caroline Rianne Laetitia Rianne
  7. Caroline Rianne Veronica Fabiana Polina Aline Claudia Morgane Bar Aline Michaela Linda
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