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  1. JLH just called off her engagement...
  2. Been away for a while... and HOLY SH*T, have I missed a lot... Just spent half my work day going through pages that I've missed... Much thanks and love to everyone for keeping this thread amazing... like it's really that hard to do though, with pictures of Marisa floating around like they are... All hail Marisa... good gawd!! :hell yea!: ~ Zire
  3. Then I must have gone to the wrong place... I thought most everybody came here and JosieFreaks was created as an afterthought to bellazon... But whatever... it's still crap... no matter how you slice it... ... Eeerrr.
  4. Well, admins feel free to delete my account in this case. Bye Yeah... I'm with Josie_Addict... deleting her subforum? That's crap!! Didn't everybody merge here after ChilaX went down? ... and wasn't ChilaX mainly founded on Josie-ness? ... so isn't this kind of like 'deleting your creator' or those responsible for your 'creation'?... damn man, it's just disrespectful to your 'elders'... ... Hmmm, I'm definitely fishing for something here and I could be way off... but this is just wrong... Zire
  5. Zire

    Swell Model(s)

    Nobody knows? Holy cow...
  6. Zire

    Swell Model(s)

    Hey everyone, So, I've been trying to find out the name of this model for some time and have had no luck - so I thought I'd turn here! Any help would be greeeat!! Thanks, Zire
  7. Sure these are repeats... but they just look sooo good... Zire
  8. Josie Marisa & a tie between: Charisma & Brooke Burke That's not an island, that's heaven indeed!! Zire
  9. Balisani - you're amazing... Thanks for all those pics - Zire
  10. Nice Lullaby... NICE!! Thanks a bunch!! Zire
  11. Regardless if these have been posted or not... the booty is worth a repeat... Zire
  12. You took the thoughts right out of my head!! So classy, so elegant, so unbelievably gorgeous - ahh She defines the word 'beauty'!! Zire
  13. All other things aside (wrestling, etc.), she truly is 'beautiful'! Thanks for all the great pics Cantor!! Zire
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