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  1. omg how are you?? i havnt seen you around the forum in ages :(

    Hope you're well!!

  2. I dont think so- they ended it so well <3 I think the writers and producers or whatever should get back together and do another show :)

  3. Hi- i just wanted to say that i love love love love your avatar- i miss that show like nothing else!

  4. wishing you a merry christmas!

  5. azure

    mhave a very merry christmas!

  6. Merry christmas lady!

  7. Merry Christmas to you!


  9. azure

    Merry Christmas to you darling!!

  10. lol you DO look a little like RyTay! haha have a nice day :)

  11. azure

    life is so fragile :(

  12. That is too sweet- thank you for saying that, i think you are a great person too :)

    and i agree..life is too short, especially if you hold back your feelings

  13. azure

    Omg you poor baby!! haha i hope you dont have too rough of a time :)

    and the girl in my avatar is Daul Kim (RIP) -i was a fan of hers but she killed herself in Paris 2 weeks ago .. :(

  14. Hey nice to see another Tao fan, her thread was getting a bit lonely haha

    Have a nice day :)

  15. azure

    Hey M, i havnt seen you around the forum lately, how are you?

  16. Thank you penny ily <3 on her bog she always said she was lonely but she sounded well adjusted and happy- really opens your eyes :(

  17. Where's Tao? ;_;

    THough i admit she dosn't look her best in that ad..

  18. Hey thanks for posting Luciana in the Feline thread! have a nice day <3

  19. O______O

    I still have no idea what a PIP is. Thanks though xD

    i noticed you live in Hawaii...that must be so amazing <33

  20. LOL nice avvie :)

  21. Nooo!! I looove telling people about my favourite models :D Her name is Samantha Harris she has a thread


    half aboriginal half german 5'11 model from here in Australia :) She is leggy and her face is <33 Unfortunately apart from the odd editorial shes been doing a whole lot of nothing lately- i wish she wou

  22. She is tall and leggy so i wish her every success!

    Love the profile btw- Carmen is amazing O__O

    and the avatar- LMAO

  23. Gorgeous i know right?! Her name is Samantha Harris- she's an Australian model half Aboriginal half German <3

    i saw her in Harp.Bazaar here in australia a while ago - heres the spread http://i42.tinypic.com/2itmrdd.jpg

    it's one of my fav pictures ever :)

  24. azure

    Oh he kinda does! Glad you like her..i love Gemma as well- she and Du have had 3 different covers together :)

  25. azure

    Oh well if you post an image fom photobucket or something that exceeds 600 pixels in width then the site automatically reduces it to fit the page. You can click on it to view it in full.

    if you wanna avoid this you can change the size of the image using photobucket or just post a thumb sized image- either way gigantic pictures will always be resized to fit the screen :P


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