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  1. Your threads are making me think the standard of beauty for fashion has dropped a lot. :ninja: The minimum requirement and average anyway. 

    1. RocketQueen


      Hey Joe,


      It's definitely not the same as it has been before! But to me it makes it more special as I get to enjoy something that doesn't occur anymore - real women, with their real bodies, no stick figures, no plastic surgery and so on... 



  2. Feminism has been weaponized against women and men since the third wave or so. Rap music has been weaponized against black people since the late 80s.




  3. "You don't need bigger boobs, bigger butt, bigger lips. You need bigger goals, bigger books..." - This Chick...who was born prettier than most models, lmao.




    Can't make this shit up.

  4. Who is the woman in the gif again?

    1. elfstone


      Natalie Morris :)

  5. Veganism was created and is funded to lower the sex drive/reduce fertility/population control. The most animals die in crop production.


    But Luma Grothe sounds like the name of a tumor.

    1. Prettyphile


      Random fact of the day! LOL I approve.

  6. You can't receive messages, so I nominate Dasha Dereviankina (last name copy and pasted :whistle: ) and Danielle Herrington if you meant who wasn't already in this last one.

    1. Prettyphile


      I can receive msgs, I just got a couple this morning.  Odd.

  7. I don't keep up with the news because most of it is fake, but are they really trying to impeach the only president that doesn't sound like a used car salesman???!!! :goose-wft:

    1. Prettyphile


      After this smoke and mirror side show all those involved should be tried for treason.  I'm beyond fed up with Democrats and their "feelings" verse facts logic.

  8. For the elephant in the room...how do high fashion models make their money? A football player I used to know who wasn't into fashion used to always say that they were really escorts and high dollar prostitutes and I just kindof laughed along with him. When I suddenly think about it though, they don't have any commercial appeal, not many social media followers and the clothes they wear on the runway are generally couture/not for sale. Any insight into this?

    1. Prettyphile


      Most unknown or lesser know models get paid little to nothing for a show, instead being compensated with free clothing, food, or simply with exposure. These models will often have to choose between less glamorous gigs that pay or high profile shows that offer little but networking opportunities, like New York Fashion Week. If you are more in-demand you can make money off walking the shows, up to 20k.


      In 2016, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the median annual salary for models was $21,870, with one-fourth of all models making $19,010 or less a year, a wage that makes it difficult to live in bigger modeling cities like New York or Los Angeles.


      Another important factor to remember is that not all the money goes straight to your bank account. One model told Business Insider that most talent agencies keep an account for each of their models to help pay for flights, hotels, photoshoots, etc. However, models are expected to pay back their agencies for all of these expenses, and for some, that means funneling all of their paycheck right back into the agencies. For others, it means being in debt to these agencies until they can afford to pay them back.


      In short, there are models who will pick up  escort jobs, and some become Sugar Babies.


      There is a reason girls like Taylor, Grace will always do well in fashion. They're HF enough, and have commercially pretty faces that will book the big money jobs

  9. Finished AHS: Hotel




    1. Nothing unique to television. Globalist, big pharma, feminist agendas. Males being really beta simps and so on. 

    2. A bunch of good looking (a couple even rich) guys fighting over Lady Gaga, who doesn't even impress the average man. Ultra simp agenda.

    3. Poor Scarlett. Got stuck with two shitty parents. Especially the mother. :pinch: 




    So many people I know and the reviews I read thought the vampire angle was ridiculous when it is actually a true story only less gruesome than real life. Wealthy people have long used blood (especially of children and babies) as nourishment and moisturizer. Hotels have also long been used to make victims disappear as well. 




    I loved it. Thanks for the recommendation. I especially loved the murder mystery, all the characters (especially Liz, Prostitute chick and the serial killer ghosts) and the story.


    The last episode...made me cry :ninja: I hope no video of that surfaces anywhere. It was just too good. One of the best last episodes I've ever seen. 

  10. The Democrats started the KKK. Obama deported more Mexicans. The Republicans gave women the right to vote. Just saying.

    1. Prettyphile


      Did you take the Red Pill? If so welcome to the club!!!!

    2. Joe > Average

      Joe > Average

      I did, although it is frustrating to see that it is easy for me to get people to eat or smoke something not knowing what is in it, but they don't want to swallow it!


      "It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."  - (someone that said it)

  11. I wanted to entitle it "Stupid Americans" but decided against it. :rofl:  Okay, we (Southerners especially) do have a bad reputation for being oblivious to certain things about the rest of the world. The difference between Slovakia and Slovenia and such. I do better than most, but I feel as though my inability to place this accent on my own falls into that category. I only know that it isn't French or Italian. That is it. :ninja: 





  12. To help you sleep peacefully.





  13. I love that avatar and sig. :D The flat, soft stomach is also underrated.

    1. lostdiadem


      Thank you! Too bad the avatars look blurry in general!

      And yeah, I've always liked Barbs body because she used to have a nice and soft body. Too bad now she's getting skinny because of VS.

  14. Is this butt competition still going on? :laugh:


    1. peroxideblonde


      yes i'll start soon :rofl:

  15. Two things I don't hear people giving social media enough credit for. One, if you say that you've dated someone that looks better than a model/actress you criticize, it gives you proof. Two, if you dare say that a random woman looks as good as a model/actress, you have proof of that too. :Angel: 

    1. peroxideblonde


      sound about right :rofl:


    2. Joe > Average

      Joe > Average

      I know you would agree, but I do think that Tanya M. level of prettiness is rare for everyday life. :p 

  16. One of the best things about social media is that when you say you've dated/slept with someone that looks better than the model or actress you criticize, you have proof.

  17. Question 1: Are models with the combination of both bone thin lips and bone flat butts endangered? Now it seems like most have at least a little of one or the other.


    Question 2: Do you like redheads?


    Question 3: What would you recommend from The Cure?

  18. Who is the model in your avatar?

  19. No matter how many times I see that avatar, for some reason I expect the tree to break. :laugh: 

  20. I know I'm not the only one here that thinks that one-legged chick is sexy. Not because of the one leg of course.

    1. Prettyphile


      I think it's just you lol. She's a tad bulky looking, and very average faced even compared to an average non-model girl imo. If you like her, more power to ya.

    2. Joe > Average

      Joe > Average

      Her looks are average/below average, but to me, sexy is more intangible. More of a vibe and attitude. Obviously, there are even athletes they could have chosen that have both sexiness and better looks though.



  21. #Dicks/TitsOutForSudan

  22. I had no idea Abbey Lee was Australian. I thought she was the world's ugliest Dutch for some reason. I guess that title goes to Laura Stone now. :p 

  23. How do you think Megan Fox would have done in "Best Eyes" in her prime?

    1. peroxideblonde


      great for sure! but not just in her prime, even now i think she can do good..you'll be interested if i'll do a best eyes celebrity edition?

    2. Joe > Average

      Joe > Average

      Yes, because I never had a chance to nominate. :mellow: 

  24. Bregje is a highly f*ckable alien. I take it you haven't been probed.

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