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  1. Who is the model in your avatar?

    1. selyoink


      Lucia Bramani

  2. Ahem...



    1. Prettyphile


      That's my boy! I almost added him to the avatar.

  3. I was a bit late, but edited the thread.

  4. I was a bit late on deleting those posts, but removed the whole discussion. ūüĎćūüŹĺ¬†May be a small consolation, but she is pretty without makeup. :ninja:

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    2. Joe > Average

      Joe > Average

      Should be gone now.

    3. BlueAcadia


      You are the BEST. Thank you!!

    4. Meggie BV

      Meggie BV


  5. When the captain of the football team sounds like the guy who gets his lunch money stolen. :rofl:




    There is so much here that I could write a book, but shows so much of what is wrong about our society. 

  7. Just heard this for the first time recently. I believe there is some parallel universe where it is a hit.



    1. Prettyphile


      I just listened to it and I'm getting the same mandela effect... I feel like this used to be a popular song.... but cannot for the life of place where or when. o.o

  8. Yulia looks like Napoleon Dynamite from this angle. 




    1. Prettyphile


      ................... WILL NEVER UNSEE :rofl:

  9. Commie bastards at Twitter shut down Clown World, so I had to find this on my own.



    1. Prettyphile


      LMAO!!!!!!!!!  She gonna love you long time, she loves your big dicka banana. Thoughts?

    2. Prettyphile


      Also..... her level of crazy is off the charts. This my love is the gift that keeps on giving LOL thank you

    3. Joe > Average

      Joe > Average

      Thoughts? She has a lot of teeth in that mouth, lmao. Her dancing is just as funny. I would love to see a dance off between her and those rich white girls on tiktok.

  10. Since I have been working to declutter Model ID lately, I have been reluctant to post as many that seem harder. Not even sure if she is a model, but just in case...



    456765432345678 (1).jpg id456765432345678 (2).jpg
    1. kimflorida


      she's very pretty, but I have no clue who she is

  11. Who is the model in your avatar?

    1. Bettina Saw-Morgan

      Bettina Saw-Morgan

      She's Josephine Skriver

  12. I was doing some organizing in Model ID earlier and I wish I could give you the key to the city, diamond plaque or something.


    Was curious if you knew any of these.







    1. kimflorida



      Listal says this is Daveigh Chase




      I think this is Luciana Marolla


      I don't know the girl in the first link.

  13. Staples of fashion model instagrams.


    Look at my pregnant belly. I live on cocaine and crackers, so I guess you are supposed to be impressed?
    Look at me with my mask on.
    Look at this George Floyd picture to know that I'm woke.
    Look at me with my lettuce sandwich from my 'what I eat in a day' slave diet.
    Hair or hand over the eye/all-seeing eye pose.




    1. Prettyphile


      ^^^ TRUTH, it's so sad it's funny at this point

  14. Dayumn, Inguna's white has cracked. :ninja:

    1. Prettyphile


      I just looked at her IG and GF looks like a complete and total Karen o.o

  15. My condolences to you and your family good sir. 

    1. Matt!


      Thank you.

  16. So...per "woke" SJW logic, "Beyond the Pole" "Growing Up Hip Hop, Current Female Rapper ect. are okay, but this should be banned???








  17. Was Olivia Brower in the blonde vs brunettes?

    1. lostdiadem


      I don't think so, I didn't nominate her because I wasn't too sure about the color of her hair. For me she's light brunette but for others she might be blonde, so... :idk:



    1. Prettyphile


      Taking a perfectly good song and trying to make it appeal to Boomers


      Seether in 2021


    2. Joe > Average

      Joe > Average



      The original is definitely 80s awesomeness though. 

  19. Your threads are making me think the standard of beauty for fashion has dropped a lot. :ninja: The minimum requirement and average anyway. 

    1. RocketQueen


      Hey Joe,


      It's definitely not the same as it has been before! But to me it makes it more special as I get to enjoy something that doesn't occur anymore - real women, with their real bodies, no stick figures, no plastic surgery and so on... 



  20. Feminism has been weaponized against women and men since the third wave or so. Rap music has been weaponized against black people since the late 80s.




  21. "You don't need bigger boobs, bigger butt, bigger lips. You need bigger goals, bigger books..." - This Chick...who was born prettier than most models, lmao.




    Can't make this shit up.

  22. Who is the woman in the gif again?

    1. elfstone


      Natalie Morris :)

  23. Veganism was created and is funded to lower the sex drive/reduce fertility/population control. The most animals die in crop production.


    But Luma Grothe sounds like the name of a tumor.

    1. Prettyphile


      Random fact of the day! LOL I approve.

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