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  1. lol I've made this list a gazilion times. Everything has just flown out of my head but here are the hottest guys I've ever seen not in order: 1) chad michael murray 2) bruno santos 3) justin timberlake 4) chris kramer 5) andrew cooper 6) brad pitt I need to think abt this list i swear...i mean i must have this list rewritten a hundred times over in my notebooks..jeesh.
  2. weeelll... i cant tell you EXACTLY what women want..because all girls want a different kind of man..like i can tell you for one thing...id like any kind of guy as long as he's cute and interesting and nice to me but i can tell you what kind of guy i would NOT like...i dont like guys who act like theyre too cool for anything, i dont like really conceited guys, i dont like guys who look down on others, i dont like guys who dont treat people nicely and i dont like guys who disrespect women...but you know something?? i think guys who check out mirrors more then me are cute..oh yeah and um.. i like funny guys-guys who can make me laugh...theyre really nice..they dont even have to be thaat cute then.
  3. oky my 3 guys are: bruno santos( ), drew fuller and OMG derek marocco!! i swear i luuuuv him!!! 3 girls wud prolly be: adriana, gisele and angelina jolie
  4. weeell...i used to get horrible zits before. you said tht u sweat a lot so theres prolly dirt and bacteria that cause the zits..so you should try to wash your face as often as you can...preferablly with an antiseptic facewash/soap...if that doesnt work, iv heard toothpaste works on zits too...
  5. thanks!! you guys are nice!!!okay so i havent formally introduced myself..i had to leave..anyway im jade-----and i really really suck at introductions..sooo...this is kind of hard. age: 17 appearance: green eyes,honeyblond hair,5 ft 7 occupation(s): student, music junkie, annoyance and somewhat of a flirt...well thats what ppl say anyways..but its just me being nice.. i luuuuuuuuuuuuuv animals and i luv hot guys more... i hope you guys dont think im a b**** I LUUUV THIS SMILEY ITS SOO CUUUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. hey everyone!!! im new here..im jade..and i LUUUV this place its sooo amazing!!! i hope i get to know everyone here..
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