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  1. hi limalicious ! (: how are you ?

  2. hi ! sorry it took me a while to reply lol. i'm very good thanks and how are you ?

  3. lol ! meeep did oyu already add me on myspace because if you did i think i denied it ! i only add ppl if i know who they are ! try adding me again and i will accept (: lol

  4. lauren conrad is majorly pretty. thanks for the pictures
  5. does anyone have pictures from this event ? i can't find any
  6. his face really does look fat nowadays ! & he's smoking
  7. wow i that pic so gorgeoussssssssssssssssssssssss i know right? she looks like she's in a photoshoot even when she's partying !
  8. Adriana's imperfections are perfections completely agree agree tooooooo Adriana We love you ahuh agree 2 cause y' know nobody is perfect ..and If someone looks perfect that's gonna be so bored.. Adri has something special that does have everyone she got a gorgeous smile, her looks is ''separate'' amazinggg!! not every girl has that, and here body is WOW ! she's is gorgeous on here one way.. and adri is perfectly at the boys right? lol sorry for my bad English i know what you mean. adriana is love !
  9. let's get back on subject , you should really have this conversation in the general section i've always loved that picture
  10. Adriana's imperfections are perfections completely agree
  11. wow norah thanks sorry if these are reposts but i just love these !
  12. Birth Name Caleigh Anne Forsyth-Peters Height 5' 7" (1.70 m) Trivia Goddaughter of Barbra Streisand She has two lovable dogs: Tito (Chihuahua) and Sage (Corgi) She is the eldest daughter of Producer Christine Forsyth-Peters (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003), The Out-of-Towners (1999)). She has a younger sister, Skye. Signed a record deal with Hollywood Records Daughter of Jon Peters. Stepdaughter of Mindy Peters and Ronald Taft. Favorite designers are Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Jennifer Nicholson, Matthew Williamson, Petro Zillia and Fifi and Romeo. Loves the bands AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Green Day. Plays the guitar, and owns a Gibson Les Paul. During, Barbra Streisand: The Concert (1994) (TV), godmother Barbra Streisand sang a Medley of Disney songs and dedicated it to Caleigh (who was 4 at the time). Started a club at school where people get together during Lunch and play Blackjack, Nintendo and Poker (but they don't gamble). Attends the prestigious Archer School for Girls in Brentwood, Los Angeles, where former students include actresses Alex McKenna and Emma Roberts Stepsister of Christopher Peters.
  13. here you can post pictures and and information all about caleigh peters. enjoy
  14. thanks for the pictures
  15. eep i meant weighs not ways. sorry about the sp lol
  16. i think someone said she was around 130-135 , but it could be wrong ! that's just what i heard how much she ways hahaha
  17. no i don't think that's adriana. she doesn't look like her to me , anyway. she looks more like the lead singer out of the pussycat dolls.
  18. oh and thank you norah for those pics ! alot of those are new to me !
  19. well if she's a model and one of the most well-known ones may i add ; i don't think she should care about her flaws. personally i think she has a unique look. but anywho , does anyone have any pictures from the bob dylan advertisement ? she's wearing blue underwear and is wearing the angel wings like she does in the victoria's secret advertisements. but i don't know where there are any pictures ... <_<
  20. thanks for the pics ! does anyone have any pictures from the victoria's secret bob dylan advertisement ?
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