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  1. wow 15! you reckon he'd be interested in older girls he looks like he's at least 17. but then again i've never been good at guessing guys' ages he does look like he'll be big in a few years to come though
  2. ohm that was soo sad it even got me crying and i dont cry at all well most of the time anyway.
  3. sorry but what film or series is that from looks like a good movie to watch
  4. have a happy birthday! ooo your going to be 18 thats a special one

  5. hey have a great birthday today ;) *fingers crossed you get a good presents*

  6. how could you sit through that movie it was sooo boring when i was wataching it last movie i watched was.... shaun of the dead it was funny
  7. toy story's up there in the 100 greatest movie of ALL TIME lol its a great movie and all and i love it to bits but to be in the top 100 of all time.... genius. why isnt finding nemo up there? oh look and clockwork orange is up there too i love that movie its more like a piece of art rather than a movie.
  8. most girls would label a guy as a stalker if they dont feel attracted to him physically and he decided to try and converse with her. women just say it casually without really thinking of the meaning.
  9. hey welcome to the boards!

  10. i watched 20 minutes of it (where i kept saying to my self "it will get better dont worry" . it didnt) i was so bored by the end of the 20 mins i stopped watching. it had no magic about it.... hehehe good joke
  11. well the best sweet moment kisses has to go to breakfast at tiffanys... in the last scene with the cat and the rain awww adorable and then there's the pride and prejudice kiss with keira knightly and some other guy who's playing mr darcy. hot kisses... hmmmm ... OH i got it the kiss between jack and damn it i forgot her name but its in 28 days later really hot since he's covered in blood hahhaha i sound sadistic i'm not
  12. hey has anyone watched this movie before? if so whats the plot and is it any good? because my friend has been wanting to watch this movie for ages now but i keep telling her its rubbish lol but now i think it looks kinda good so if anyone has any information I would apreciate it a lot
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