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  1. why is that sometimes i cant recognize her face? but she is a good model no doubt..
  2. HApppy B-day Doutzen.. and some dude there.. Okey now.. Seriously, I love doutzen like heaven but this is..is just painfully pathetic! (not her, or you people)! I mean, YES she is very nice... and unbelievably stunning!!but there is something within her that like shes full of herself, y'u know.. tsk tsk, she thinks that shes better from the other girls, She said like, See the difference between the other girl(Snejana i think) ?? Shes super skinny, no hips, no breast..as well the part where she said the other models has no enough strength for fashionweek because they DONT EAT while she has the reserve she want....something along that line. And IMO, models do eat of course (to survive)..and some girls, really born skinny, very skinny. and she should know that.. i mean Why would she talk like that?? (atleast for et·i·quette sake)to someone or anybody else especially to those on her the same profession. and she feels guilty because shes pretty and rich and she thinks its unfair with all the poverty in the world. nyhahaha!!!and so therefore she did a charity or something to justified the guilt feeling?? <_< ! haler. shes nice,honest...sweet.. soft spoken but man she is very deep person...yeah.. ah shit anyway, this is pathetic ..Im pathetic.. :blink: :blink: ...soory if its off topic.. BUt, Rakenroll.. :ninja: you Dotzen!! i cant hate yo.. P.S. i see Stam and caroline :laugh: now im happy!!
  3. really? wow thats hot.. i think i read somewhere that shes a daughter of a pastor or something like that... or i cud be wrong nyahaha
  4. :shock: :shock: i dunno.. for instance she lo0ks-like the blonde version of Lima,(or its only just me Ok,hehe) But hands down, both were undeniably hot.
  5. HIGH Five On runaway... Coco And Freja.. SWEET...
  6. whoa. shes the NO. 1 model of the World!! awesome! wow she cud be the next generation of lima, ambrosio ,bundchen fever!! Lab Yo Raquel... Rakenrol!!
  7. hhwaaaahh... those previous pages back are absolutely goddies.. thanks To y'all.. And the New Gap Ad is RakenRol!!
  8. so shes smoking??Daym she looks wasted.. thats Hot ...where did you guys get those Faceb0ok anyway? And the DKNY ad is awesome!!! rakenroL
  9. hhaayy.... wait has these been posted?? shes a diva but shes so cute..
  10. Yo! hapy new yr..hehehe

    i havent buy yet the sawdust album.. You?

  11. RaKenRooooll!!! .Thank u God.. i want to court Raquel sooo bad..
  12. I found this on my personal my space bulletin.. "Model Coco Rocha has reportedly angered a multitude of Anti-Smoking Advocates and The National Eating Disorders Foundation after an irrational slur backstage at a Gaultier fashion show was caught on camera’s provided by FashionTV. Though the footage was not streamed straight to FTV, the tape was ‘miraculously’ released to entertainment website TMZ, before being pulled off the internet. Wearing a fox fur jacket and tight bun, Rocha reportedly turned to a fellow model and mumbled angrily about “the size of some of these other girls,” going on to complain that “fat people are not fashion models.” In an apparent mood about the allowance of four plus sized models in the Gaultier show, Rocha reportedly “threw a tantrum” and gave considerable attitude when she was asked to put out her cigarette backstage, snapping that “If the other girls have a problem with me smoking, they should go outside. I shouldn’t have to leave - there isn’t a single thing wrong with smoking anyway, fashion kills and smoking is fashion.” The model’s representative declined comment to E! News this week, however this is not the first instance in which Rocha has voiced her distaste for plus sized models in the industry." :angry: :angry: :angry: And shes Apologizing on her My space wtf????...Seriously, is this shit is even real?? (N) (N) (N)
  13. i think it is karrie. Ey has this been posted??? http://youtube.com/watch?v=KXSwhOlIc0c... Mango Commercial Ok heres the other.. more intersting :evil:
  14. ow, damn this babe. she is just gorgeous!
  15. oh samalat for posting its ok maldita. hehe hehehe i think haller/heller means HELLOO??!! its a gay language, expression or something..its kinda funny when i heard someone mentioned it. uso yan dito . irene akon lang na bi sig mo kg avatar moh!! idol ko na si lima.
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