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  1. wait is she like quarter filipino ?
  2. ey guys pls dnt forget to upload the dutch tv program? where she has an episode in it.. im so excited
  3. :| i salute her,shes definitely worked hard to be able to sustained to this ever-changing industry.. wait surprise surprise, she didnt made the list ?? wtf? shes models.com number 1? there must be something it can do about it. Haler! *hysterical*
  4. hehehe its a gud thing that you only understo0d bits of it,cause if you were able to fully comprehend what we were talking you'd probably realize how naughty irene is .. she has been a very very bad girl lately.. but shes ok,no harm done..shes entitled to have her own opinion anyway. and she should sleep. :|
  5. Bony ? matyag mo lng na irene kulang klng sa tulog Peace i want to see her abs..stupid clothes..
  6. mags mana? ngaa man haw? actually nd naman na bgdeal skon kng anu mana nga kalibre mga mags ah. gisi-on kmlng na picture mlng da akon ya..nyahahah..mga contents dw la lng .. wla gd d vogue phil no? cge lng ky ako lng mapa tindog d..nyahahah ayus man?
  7. P.S. i bet she will be in another cover of vogue, true, mapatay man da piyak blay mo irene..nyahaha joke lng ah. Vogue Phillipines
  8. Ngeee :| :| well gadaku na iya titi nd lng ky gatambok ang isa ka tao ah kung basehan tlng natural lng na ky as she gets older galain man metabolism sang body nya..its normal,kmbga my mga physical transition blah blah..pkd2 na sa womanhood maninay mo .haha balak-iton nlng xa..sakto lng na lawas ya ah..haha, kysa super skinny ay ambot ah. mayu na gane, bad influence? ga smoke sa haw?? dw waay man..hehehe..dw c behati mlng na gayosi idol koman naxa bla hehe ?? ok lng gle nga dri ta ga storyahanay?? bsi kigan ta? nakapoy ka?? kaluoy man cmu noh. masaehun tka?
  9. bl-an koman ah.hehehe..ga joke man ko. na bloat ya lawas ya? nd ah. sakto lng na lawas ya sa make up lng na kg sa pag kuha pictures, hehehe ok lng na kung did2 sa ky raquel ah,.idol koman na .kaloris hah? kita mo lng gd, tunto ka nga bata ka ay,kng mabsahan lng ni sang mga hardcore fans ni rocha p0sah kgd.. pti kna ah.. baw my mga oink2 kpa gle, kusion tgd ka sa hita.. gna away mo crush ko seksi na xa.. P.S. gina kopa na ginatulok2 ang pecho ya duman ko design2 lng ky gle tuod. baw kanami lng ,b-cup c maninay mo ayus na na. whhehe
  10. whahha, hala daw may unod na haw.. SUGID TAKA BLA KAY BULAck!! BUlaaacckkk!! Ceeelinee!!! c irene di aaayyy huuu away ya di c coco rocha mo ayyy !!! Hala hala hala hala.. pati na ah...delicioso?as in pagkaon?oo namit gd e whehe
  11. wow she is rich and beautiful.. P.S. perfect is an understatement shes gods gift to us.. amen... and,yes those cover of vogue korea is smashing!!! Bigtime! im happy now
  12. her eyes they lo0k creepy together with those bulging eye bags look like as if swelling..wo0w.. id die happy staring at it.. jashjkdhklfhslhsdljh kaboom!!
  13. Thank you Lord, my dream came true..
  14. dude seriously, that was one horrible translation i ever read in my whole lame life nyhahaha.. that crack me up haha
  15. wtf with that espanya cover? it Suck!! Bigtime!
  16. wtf with that espanya cover? it Suck!! Bigtime!
  17. chicken thigh??its my favorite!! where is it?? i want it!
  18. ahh..go0d for you :)

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