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  1. killer cheekbones=check killer body= CHEEECKK killer legs= check check SEXY= Class A Meat for short, HOT
  2. jessica, SMILE. Your Exposed..
  3. I sssooo love the CoVer!! *cried*
  4. not sure if you people seen this vids..but :bounce: P.S. Shes Ssssssssssoooooooooo daaammnnn Cuuttteee!!!!!!!! i cant get over it.. <_<
  5. her skin is bad BUT still stunning..
  6. this is too much Stammy and Doutzen!!!
  7. :| ok regarding to my past post.. im soory to everyone
  8. <_< shes with adriana what do you expect? i doubt the dude has a thread, ah yes he has in bastardly forum called I HATE YOU JARIC MACKO (declaration of hate) Ale is pregnant, NOT adri. Yes exactly, i hope he wont knock up adri as well, what a pity <_< i agree with the loser idea,i mean lo0k how terribly stupid this dude is??!!! woow CAN YOU BLAME ME?!!
  9. by the way im kinda worried since this pregnant thing is everywhere....pls!!!! not with this douchebaagg!!! i shall kill him.
  10. I cant get over this lima fans, so excuse me for my rantss... i super Hate you Jaric Marcko!!!! once again,daaammmmnnn yooo!!!! huhuhuhuhuhu Last.. Baaaaassssstaaaarrrrddddddddddddddd [email protected]#$^$%#^@&baggg...... Thats it, Thank You all mwah mwah
  11. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. whahhahaha...u mean like the cricketz got tons of protein?!! really hhmm..
  13. by the im curious why did she cry on the last past of the show?? i want to hug her
  14. just saw the video in style she ssooo cute and sweett...and our girl speaks french?! NICEE!!! she kinda remind me of ms lima,shes like enthusiastic and just full of energy..jumping aroud and stuff..
  15. :cry2: excuse me, just another hater....Daaammnnn yooouuu Jaric Marco!!!!!!!! :cry2: how F- up is that?!
  16. wo0w!!! NICEEEEE!!!! shes hotter than miranda kerr.. sabat!? madugo baba nyu
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