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  1. I was about to post the cover.. coco lo0ks adorable,Tnx for posting dude! and my, that meghan is lo0kin stunning..gotta keep my eyes on her.hell yeah.
  2. Heres my story. ive never been online for about a week and guess what? when i logged in my messages were completely gone!for a couple of minutes i was a dumb, and i saw my Last Login was like Sep7 3:08am ..and i just thought, What The FUCK is going on??..and then i found myself painfully reading the Important Announcement just above..Crap.i was expecting messages from bulack and ireneqs(sorry dude for the spelling).my post its supposed to be 90 for God Sake.and some of the Models thread post?..nevermind. u know already.Oh,#@ck me. this is sucks,really is. <_<
  3. thank you everyone for posting pics of her..good job guys! isnt she lovely? btw some video from americanamanhasset uh im not sure if it was posted
  4. well because asian people like that kind of beauty..u know striking tall doll-like model, fairskinned..etc..its standout and attractive for us asians.. . soory for my terrible english..
  5. she is ssoo hot..by the way does she any boyfriend or dating someone..?? check this video hope this is not a repost http://www.style.com/vogue/modeldiaries/080807/video
  6. hey everyone! coco rocha shes my newest love.... theres something in here which i cant help staring at ,oh man She is soo fierce...that i cud die love her pic below (a sig)
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