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  1. I miss you toooo! girl I haven't seen you for a long time!!! Write me on my thread or message me and tell me how you have been :D

  2. I'm in Punta Sal in Peru! I'm on vacation for the moment until I head back to the city in a couple of days.

  3. I read your comment on Andreina's page :P but I don't use that msn email anymore. I forgot my password so it's a lost cause now. But I'm still here and alive!

  4. ANDREINA!!! :D

  5. Ahhhh! I'm here now :)

  6. I'm not sure I like cats after watching keyboard cat :| ahahahaha I've been just working most of the time, that takes up a good chunk out of my time and the rest I try to go out to relax :/ and how about you?

  7. Desto is still here don't worry :)

  8. of course! :D manana creo porque no trabajo al menos que me llamen, estoy "on call" :/

  9. Miss you too Q :(

  10. no no escuchado nada de el :( ahorita estoy conectada en msn, y no creo que estas ahi :/ anyways te mande un mensaje para que sepas que estoy viva en msn ajajaja.

  11. ay geme si me estoy connectando 1 o 2 AM, con la diferencia de las horas ya casi no veo a nadie en msn :/

  12. sabes que? deberian tener un chat aqui, seria mas facil de hablar con la gente aqui :/

  13. I'm still alive geme, but we never get online at the same time! :(

  14. si es musica brasilera, pero los bailes son tan estupidos, pobres viejitos ahahaha

  15. Geme on day you have to get online the same time as me :P I saw a group of old people dancing to Axe Bahia in a park, do you know who the group is? they were pretty popular in chile in 2001 ahahaha.

  16. Yeah their songs are so catchy they make you sing and dance to them ahahaha. Oh that song gets stuck in my head so easily but it's great you remember me when you hear it :D

  17. I've always loved her and of course those eyebrows! really her eyebrows are amazing ahaha her being on SI is such a change but I think it's a good thing people are seeing another side to her, not just snobs :P

  18. I didn't know you liked Hilary Rhoda?!?!?! :O

  19. geme recently I heard the group Calle Ciega and for some reason it reminded me of you :P ahahaha.

  20. Did Fery have multiple accounts? :|

  21. Yeah I don't like too many strangers either, it gets awkward sometimes but it's nice to have people you know around you. I feel like this year went by so fast :|

  22. Thanks Celine :) I hope you had a great NYE! What did you do? more beer pong? :D You know played that game not so long ago and I was actually not that bad ahaha

  23. Their in her thread :P I didn't get an early copy, I wish! I just saw the photos when I got a text from a friend and gave me a link to see the pictures + the calendar. One at a time never said all at once and I never said I was included ahaha.

  24. That only maybe because you haven't tasted the ones you like :P like with me when I drink coke + rum I can't really taste too much of it :) You might think sex on the beach is good (the drink ahaha) because it's fruity tasting :D I'm going to a party tonight!!! and you?

  25. Today I relaxed and drank some Cuba Libres, delicious! but nothing compares to partying with Layla holding our Malibu's :P

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