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  1. thanks to joachim @ MH for these new pics of AC for "Cubus"
  2. thanks for the new pics!! i admire ur dedication and efforts to finding new AC pics
  3. yeah for somebody to have a username such as andrewcooperfan.....hmmmm thats NOT my idea of being a fan if u are insulting the one whom u are supposed to be a fan of.... absolutely!! and thanks for the new find....yay, love seeing new pics!! i agree....keep 'em coming!!!!
  4. Yeah, what does the entire fashion and advertising industry know? Andrew is just paid big money for his face alone, and has been for years. But hey, i'm sure Andrew will quit his career now, after YOUR opinion. You're an idiot, congratulations. = Camilla
  5. awwwww faget, ur the best in the world....thank u for posting these as i had a bad day and needed to smile.....and i most certainly did when i saw ur wonderful pics here...thanks again!!
  6. hi mmcooper....yes look at my "signature" and u can see the url to my yahoo group...thanks for your interest... if u join my yahoo group, i've loads of AC vids on there....but maybe u have seen them all as i got most from youtube i've the link to the PMA site on my yahoo group....u can join and i've hundreds and hundreds of pics and links to all of his agencies, etc....(check under my signature for the url to my yahoo group)
  7. thanks, mmcooper!! first of all, welcome to BZ....second, glad to hear you're a fan of AC....i've been a fan since he started his modeling career back in 2003....i enjoy finding new pics all the time, and it's become more of a hobby lol then anything else...i check all of his agencies to see if new pics are posted, so that is how i find new pics of his....as for the autograph pic, i never attempted to go to Notting Hill because i just wasnt interested....i figured if he is there, great, i wouldnt want to bother him.....so i guess just being in the same city as him is gonna be as close to being near him as i will ever get...and for me, i am content with that....so now i am just enjoying finding new info and pics of him and trying my best to post them here and on my fan site....thanks again!!
  8. Sooooooo sorry guys for being away for so long....I spent some much-needed time with my hubby...I hate to see this thread so neglected...it's good to be back!!!
  9. A cool "mirrored" image on the New Madison "home" page.....of course, it's from AC's Giorgio Armani campaign
  10. Some new awesome campaigns on the PMA site
  11. thanks for starting Caleb's thread, Maui!! AND the new pics too!!
  12. LOL This is not the first time this happens. Really. I go to Male Models Directory and I search everytime I want to create a thread. But sometimes the search engineer seems to fail. Yes. I totally agree with you on merging thread. I'm really sorry And Ryan is like my current obcession! lol oh that happened to me before, only cuz the person who started it first misspelled the model's name lol....but i'm so glad you're obsessed with Ryan..he's soooooo gorgeous!!
  13. welcome to Andrew's thread, MissLima!!! Glad to see you're a fan too!!
  14. better late than never, right Summerboy!!! glad you FINALLY noticed this hottie!! yay!!!
  15. thanks, flyman1up, for all the new pics!!
  16. LOL i can see why penny!! i know the third one...that's Charles Devoe and i've created his thread a while back!! http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=15120
  17. hey Summerboy, i started his thread back in June and nobody was interested in him then lol....so glad he has at least another few fans with u and Maui...i thought i was the only one on the board who loved him lol...maybe a mod could merge our threads? (click link below) it's funny when i saw your avie and siggy, i was like wow, he never even commented on anything in Ryan's thread (the one that i created) LOL... http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=20947
  18. thanks Titia and Redhead!! awesome new pics of AC
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