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  1. Found this in a magazine....love it when Andrew smiles!!! H-O-T!!!!!! :drool: :drool:
  2. Yep i agree.....a knight's tale was hilarious!!....does anybody remember Heath's first series called "Roar"? He was only 16 or 17 when he was in it...it was a short-lived series that came on during the summer of 1997....I LOVED that series!! He played Connor, an Irish leader who tries to unite other Irish tribes from the Romans....it's kinda like Braveheart, but on a much smaller scale...i just bought the complete series on ebay and can't wait to watch it again!!!
  3. Glad ya liked them If i find any more, i'll post them ASAP....
  4. If you check out the DKNY site, there's a really HOT video of Andrew shot during his photo shoot for the F/W 2007 campaign....there's a cool shot of him driving up in a mustang, and he walks ever-so-sexily toward the camera...then it cuts to a shot of him standing next to a meter on the sidewalk, and it appears that he's playfully boxing the meter lol....i captured some video stills from that site, and i tried to increase its size just a wee bit, so that's why some are blurry....soooo sorry!! but check it out cuz it's NOT to be missed!!! oh, there's also one on the kip site but i can't seem to open the video....maybe the site is temperarily down..... :heart: :heart:
  5. There's just something about Andrew in a suit (**SIGH**).....i think the reason i love him to bits is cuz he's not one of those "cheesy" models who has to strip down to his underwear to show his "stuff" lol...Andrew doesn't have to do that cuz even when he's ALLLLLL dressed up, he looks sooooo fine!!! oh don't get me wrong, Andrew looks good in very little too lol, but like i said, he looks best (in my opinion) when he's fully clothed....just very classic, his looks are.....and THAT'S why he's lasted so long in the modeling industry cuz of his wonderful look....so, here are more of him looking HOT in a suit in the kip catalogue.... :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  6. Yeah i too heard that taking Ambien with other drugs, whether it's prescribed or over the counter, can have a drastic and major affect on a person's state-of-mind....i'm sure it was all accidental in Heath's case...but still very sad...also, what really made it even sadder, was that he passed away on the day Hollywood was celebrating, since it was the day oscar noms were announced....i don't think he would have done anything he'd regret, it was probably just a coincidence that he passed away on that day....perhaps not getting nominated could have gotten him depressed? i don't want to speculate and cause any rumours, so i won't say anything more, though there was a possibility that THAT may have had something to do with it....but, his family in Perth, Australia, cleared up any misunderstandings of Heath being suicidal....they said he would NEVER do anything rash like that....so i'm relieved in one sense, yet totally mortified and saddened that he was taken from us at such a young age....heck, he could have been in his 60's and i would have still been sad cuz he was such a gifted actor....RIP Heath......
  7. These are hot!!!!!! then again, they're ALL hot!!!! check Andrew out!!!!......amazing!!!!
  8. Here are some more from Andrew's Littlewoods Direct Catalogue Spring/Summer 2008....can the lad get ANY hotter??????? lol..... :heart:
  9. A couple more that i love...DAMN, he's HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!..........
  10. Here are a few more that i totally love....in my opinion, i LOVE them all lol...enjoy!!! oh, btw, the runway ones were from Andrew's Giorgio Armani F/W 2008-2009 show that was in Milan. :heart:
  11. I don't think these were posted....if they were, soooooo sorry!!....but enjoy them anyway!!
  12. My favourite Littlewood Direct Catalogue pics for Spring 2008....
  13. from the Bamford & Sons site for their spring/summer campaign...i'm unsure who the other models are though
  14. There's a really cute video on the Matinique site that features Andrew during his photo shoot....I captured these stills during the video, so that's why some came out kinda blurry....sorry!! hope u like it anyway!!! check out the video on the Matinique site...he's adoreable!! Love the scene where you catch him chewing gum during the photo shoot lol...also, there's a scene where he's by himself sitting at a long table...if i was there, i'd join him lol
  15. oops!!! i forgot to add these from his Matinique Spring 2008 collection...enjoy!!!
  16. hey i love Andrew in the new Matinique Spring 08 campaign...he's HOTTER than ever...also, here are some of the new DKNY Spring 08 pics...and last, but certainly not least, are some runway pics he just did in (i believe) Milan and Paris for Dolce and Gabbana and Bottega Veneta for their Fall/Winter 2008-2009...you can view his Dolce and Gabbana runway show on youtube...i don't know how to put the link here but if u go to youtube, just type in Dolce and Gabbana menswear FW 2008-2009 part 2...Andrew comes on around 38 seconds into the video...he looks AWESOME!!....enjoy!!!
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