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  1. Is there a way to deactivate my account? I don't want to delete my account because many posts/pictures will be deleted. But after many years I have decided to leave because I have lost my interest in Doutzen. I can no longer support this person. I am so tired of her Instagram stories + she will never get back on top because of all the damage. I don't want to waste my time waiting for new updates. Her career is dead. It's game over. For me it's time to move on and leave Bellazon behind.
  2. Are Prettyphile & Phenobarbie gone?
  3. SEPTEMBER 10, 2021 (WEEKEND-ONLINE.NL) The beautiful villa of Doutzen Kroes in the Gooi is ready. The former Victoria's Secret model bought an old building, had it razed to the ground and built a modern villa with a natural swimming pond for a few million euros. The villa has a special design, with large glass panels interspersed with wooden finishes, a large window block in the roof that provides plenty of light inside and a large batch of solar panels for power generation. Doutzen, her husband Sunnery James and their children Phyllon and Myllena have already moved into the house, while workmen are still shaping the garden with excavators. At the back of the garden they walk via a path into the beautiful heathland, where the children can climb trees. The former Victoria's Secret model must be very happy with this construction project, which she has been working on for three years. In 2018, she bought the house that used to be on this spot – and that was no longer in the best condition – for 1.65 million euros. The mortgage of 2.5 million already betrayed that Doutzen was planning a lot in this place. Remarkably, Doutzen owns the house alone. She bought it without Sunnery and that can be called special, because married couples usually buy a house together. Moreover, the DJ will not be short of cash either. Why he did not become a co-owner remains a well-kept secret for the time being. In the huge villa there is a gym, master bedroom with private bathroom, two more bedrooms, a bathroom, a laundry room and a family room. Not to mention two walk-in closets, a guest house, huge kitchen, office with library and a 'greenhouse': a greenhouse where the family can be their own greengrocer. ----------------------------------- Hope to see more pictures soon! I actually quite like this. ----------------------------------- Instagram Jetteke van Lexmond (last night) With Magali Gorre (3 days ago) ----------------------- Here some pictures from early 2021 & fall 2020
  4. I miss her .... 😔 She looks good in that golden outfit. Would love this to be a new commercial for L'Oréal But I don't think we will ever see this because it's already old That shoot in the pool is perfect for some sun lotion for Summer 2021 campaign .. but the Summer is almost over! Her frowning face always looks really bad in pictures ..maybe that's why they didnt use this material because she can't sell products looking moody/angry She just can't relax her face/eyes when the sun shines The other 2 models can but she can't! But L'Oréal should know better by now because this aint the first time she's having trouble shooting on location during a sunny day ..it happens all the time (the commercials with pigeons in Greece, on the street near the water in Paris, Barbados shoot ..probably for Vogue Paris, etc.) That work never released She should close her eyes and someone tells her 3 2 1 And she can open her eyes looking relaxed for about 2 seconds before closing her eyes again But she's the model..she should know better as well because it's her job
  5. Yesterday I watched SHOWNIEUWS on Dutch TV They talked about Doutzen. Where is Doutzen. What is going on? Why didnt she go to Cannes etc. Shownieuws has asked Doutzen's management for a response as to why she was not in Cannes and it is said that they cannot say anything about this. And about the collaboration with L'Oreal came the striking reaction: "We can't say anything about this." Shownieuws said that is really strange (about L'Oréal) normally they would say something like "Yes, she still the face of L'Oréal" To be continued .... If L'Oréal dropped her it's GAME OVER It would break my heart but I would not be surprised because of her stupidity..she's so stubborn and needs a reality check. L'Oréal = the most important contract for any model!
  6. That one is old Recycled footage from few years ago with blonde hair
  7. I just saw a new L'Oréal commercial on Dutch tv With her natural hair colour .. I like that but it looked messy 😞 L'Oréal REVITALIFT It was one of my least fav commercials she ever filmed for L'Oréal She didnt shine at all/lifeless eyes/she looked a bit tired and old/bland and boring and the commercial was (obviously) made on low budget in a small studio Hopefully it sells because I don't want her to lose this contract!
  8. She is probably already too old to become a serious actress + she's never really been ambitious She let other people find jobs for her (without success yet) + once a year she does some networking in Cannes (jobs for Wonder Woman/short French film) Doutzen started modeling in 2003 - 2021 ------------- Instagram stories Jetteke van Lexmond (Saturday May 22, 2021)
  9. I really wonder if she's still gonna do something (Eurovision commercial to promote The Netherlands like Gal Gadot did for Israël) for Eurovision on Saturday May 22 There's no info yet about who's going to do that commercial But it would be so weird if she's not going to do it after all that speculation in the media..but with Doutzen and her choices in life you just never know! Especially now she's having a break from work for unlimited time ... but she did something for work back in March So fingers crossed! ---------------------------------------- UPDATE No sign of Doutzen at Eurovision 2021 She didnt get to host the show and she didnt get to do the Eurovision commercial Such a shame after getting a call from Eurovision if she's interested..she was interested but ended up with nothing No idea what went wrong...maybe Eurovision didnt want her anymore after all the negative press Doutzen received ...or Doutzen herself stepped back It would have been brilliant publicity with 200 million viewers But I would not be surprised if Eurovision didnt want her anymore because of all the negative attention DK lost lots of clients ..except 1: L’Oreal And now in 2021 she's probably having a break for unlimited time to heal the wounds And if they cant be healed Im sure that she will announce her retirement in 2021/22/23 and will only keep working for L'Oréal $$$ as long as they want her
  10. Dutch newspaper https://www.parool.nl/kunst-media/met-modellenagent-sarah-keller-1967-2021-was-het-leven-een-groot-avontuur~b8ee39b8/ Doutzen's best male friend Mo Karadag is the new boss of Paparazzi models in Amsterdam I'm sure Doutzen will be back with Paparazzi later this year or next year .. unless she retires DOUTZEN: "Without Sarah my life would have been very different, I owe everything to her, ”says Kroes. “Sarah was one of the key people in my life and has had a huge impact on me. She was my business mom, but she felt more like a sister, we grew up together. ” Kroes calls Keller straightforward, funny, fair, sweet, empathetic and elusive because of her paradoxical character.
  11. TRAGIC NEWS! SARAH KELLER OWNER OF PAPARAZZI MODELS IN AMSTERDAM, DOUTZEN'S MANAGER & ONE OF HER BEST FRIENDS PASSED AWAY (LUNG CANCER) So sad! I got tears when I found out she passed away. She really helped Doutzen with everything.
  12. It's the Zack Snyder cut ... same movie but with extra budget (70 million extra) with much more and new footage The original from 2017 (directed by Zack Snyder & Joss Whedon) got lots of hate by fans and critics...but this 2021 version Is doing great..fans loving it and critics are positive Released yesterday (March 18, 2021) Justice League 2021 duration: 242 minutes
  13. 2:25 - 2:32 3:30 She did a fantastic job and rocked her scenes! ----------
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