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  1. Yeah, it is kind of rude not to speak.
  2. That member who never speaks. All he does is post party hat faces and a couple of reposts.
  3. What a beautiful woman. Have you seen The Mummy Returns? She's hilarious in that movie, and it's not a comedy!
  4. I hope Jal718 will add some covers, especially Victoria's Secret.
  5. Cindy is so beautiful on Vogue, but I need to see her Harper's Bazaar! Can you post those?
  6. Do you have her Amica covers, or Harper's Bazaar (Germany - August 1992)? If you have any more of her covers, as contributor said, please post them!
  7. Yeah, do you have her Vogue covers?
  8. Great. I hope Vogue & Cosmo will be posted. If you have any more Tyra Banks covers, please post them. Thanks.
  9. Can you post more of her Vogue, Cosmo, and Glamour covers? They're nice, so you probably have them.
  10. Any more Victoria's Secret? I would also love to see Harper's Bazaar (Germany - August 1992), Sports Illustrated (both), and Marie Claire (France - 1990). Thanks a bunch!
  11. Oh yeah, do you have any Janice Dickinson covers? Particularly Vogue.
  12. Oh well, can you post the rest of her covers that you have?
  13. Beautiful! Do you have her Cosmopolitan covers? And the rest of her Elle covers. If you have her Vogue cover, please post it. Please post them all!
  14. 20Ans, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle.
  15. I don't know if you've bee to the Carol Alt forum recently, so I'll ask the question here: Any Tyra Banks?
  16. Any others at all? I've asked this before, I think: Do you have any Iman?
  17. Glamour, Vogue, and Mademoiselle, please!
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