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    Linkedin is popular social media for employee and customers. I also very often it in my online work. Also I found good tool for myself - Dooozen which helps me send personalized messages, connection requests and follow-ups in automatic mode.
  2. Guys, how to improve my writing skills on English?
  3. Guys, how to protect website? what I need to use?
  4. {name}

    repair AC

    My air conditioner was broken and stopped work so where i can repair it??
  5. From time to time I have nostalgia
  6. {name}


    Catering is cozy and nice service in our time when you have plat to run some events in beautiful place - Santa Monica. I used this one usually https://georgesgreek.com/best-catering-service-in-santa-monica/ when have some events in my house or yard.
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