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  1. How come he still dosent have a number? [in real]
  2. Villa I believe is heartbroken and now has to go to Barca (if his leaving Valencia, they are in serious debt but they also need good players to stay up & compete). He has been saying for the past 2 years how much he wanted to join RM but they never signed him. Anyways, I have never really seen Karim play @ club level is he any good?? Saw him during Euro 2008 and I was very disappointed to say the least. I saw few min when Lyon played against Barca in CL, i was disappointed. I read somwhere that he has lost his confident and he cant make any goals
  3. Mr. Ronaldo is going crazy! Breaks car window
  4. david is going to Barca i think, nothing is for sure, but im really surprised that everyone wants to go to real madrid...
  5. Dose anyone have this pic? dariapic.bmp dariapic.bmp
  6. Erin Wasson, and wrong topic!
  7. MARIE CLAIRE Brazil October 2008 (tfs)
  8. http://modamilanesa.wordpress.com/2008/11/10/cutie-stefi/
  9. Found some pics from an ed mag: lofficiel :D
  10. Another foot into the fashion world
  11. Just a quick question, dose anyone have a clear shot of bowys foot tatto?
  12. http://www.dagensmedia.se/mallar/dagensmed...?version=185978 At the bottom of the page there is a video of Caroline
  13. he is so hot!!!! omg, much hotter then phelps!
  14. of corse i remember you! i was on vacation i moscow so i havent been on the intenet, for i while... ;)

  15. Dose anyone know who she is?
  16. Porto Cervo in Italy whit his gf nereida :yuckky:
  17. Thank you!!!!!

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