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  1. You have 4 stars now, Happy Birthday ^_^

  2. ugh anyone but beckham :x ben barnes or lee pace?
  3. ^ killer legs! and i want that eiffel tower undie from that vogue ed. i think that's her in that...
  4. from nypost.com i'm really happy for her on this. i liked her on the VS runway last year. . .
  5. it IS catherine mcneil. Ca, c'est Paris Ph: Peter Lindbergh St: Carine Roitfeld Models: Lily D., Sasha P., Natasha P., Catherine McN., Doutzen K.
  6. maldita

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  7. who, catherine mcneil? thanks for posting that ed, blom.
  8. i it! she looks so summery. and so fresh, as usual. thanks!
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