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  1. Don't know his name. This was from the 1999 Dutch Magazin article "Bang" from the 23rd edition in Sept/Oct. Anyone know?
  2. aaah! yes, thank you in advance. I just know you'll find him.
  3. i believe that is the same guy. need a name though. Dx
  4. not a model. name is Khris Hodge.
  5. he's gorgeous. especially in his Cavalli ads.
  6. nice. great to see we have a model posting. I always thought your eyes were turquoise. LOL.
  7. his myspace has been deleted. =(
  8. He's now my friend on myspace. Bad news is there was only one new picture. The rest are already on here. The pic was from his 26th Birthday Party earlier this year.
  9. thanx for the pics guys. All the pics I have of him seem to already be on here. I just wish he had his own fansite or something.
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