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  1. New, even shorter haircut 😍 https://www.vogue.com/article/michael-kors-isabeli-fontana-haircut
  2. Has anyone seen " Belfast " ??
  3. Wow so lucky to go there !😍
  4. Love Natalia's hair here ! Classic even though it's boring old Dior....
  5. Wish she'd go back to brunette, the bleached look is kinda dated. Makes her eyes pop more too.
  6. Such a classic beauty with brains to boot.
  7. Yay ! Thanks a heap for updating this thread ! I'm in touch with Abigail once in a while and she'll be stoked to see her pictures.
  8. Recent picture of Katja and her children 😍
  9. Always loved this beautiful picture Candice posted on her instagram years ago. Does anyone remember this ? From when she visited the Pataxó tribe in Brazil.
  10. Gosh, she has the ugliest boot collection ever 🤣
  11. Beautiful half Japanese half American Tamiko is with The Honolulu City Club in Hawai'i. She is also a collage artist and ceramicist.
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