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  1. Alessandra looks yellow on the Vanity Fair pics, Raica looks the best.
  2. Raica Face:10 Body: 10 Sexiness: 10 Natural Beauty: 10 Josie Face: 5 Body: 7 Sexiness: 4 Natural Beauty: 3 Rosie Face: 5 Body: 5 Sexiness: 3 Natural Beauty: 5
  3. Yes, I agree tall & thinner models look better, but sometimes they are just too thin, their plainess kind of reflects on the clothes
  4. I liked most the black and the white dresses. I heared that models who wear Armani fs have to be super skinny to past the castings, don't know if it's true.
  5. mandarinaduck

    VSFS 2003

    I think Gisele looked the best on the fashion show... I hope H&M was worth loosing VS job
  6. I found this cover(hope it's not a repost)
  7. Date of Birth: 05/02/1986 Nationality: Croatia Height 1,91 m (6'4") Role: Defender Current club Manchester City Number 16
  8. Raica is really stunning, I know a lot of people say that she is too conventional but there still isn't any model that is similar to her.Raica is a bomb look-wise when it comes to conventional beauty. Great pics!
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