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  1. Geneviève♥♥

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    Last Song-All American Rejects
  2. Haha same here, The Notebook still gets to me!
  3. watching pretty in pink
  4. Geneviève♥♥

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    Look After You-The Fray
  5. You guys are so skinny! I'm jealous! 5'6 138 pounds, a little flesh around flesh is what I always say.
  6. Ha, she rotates in and out with Adriana, I think they both have the same look in every picture that's why.
  7. Agreed! Big Brother, and Americal Idol.
  8. My top ten: Alessandra, NatPoly, Julia, Miranda, Eugenia, Anja, Raquel, KK, Gisele, and Adriana
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