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  1. Yeh i did see the clip but the couldnt view the other one
  2. Awww...thanks again cooper Iam so jealous of her,i cant believe she met him :evil: I was in London last year,i should've gone to his shop. My bestfriend lives near Notting Hill,i just told her to go and visit his shop and take a pic of him if hes there lol, if she does, i will post it on here
  3. no, she's not a model....she and he own "the mutz nutz" in notting hill....it's a pet boutique/spa Shes one lucky gal :evil: Any pics of her??
  4. Is his wife a model too???
  5. i've heard about that too, but i'm not sure how accurate the source was.... OMG it would be so damn good if shes seeing him...maybe she'll take him down to OZ that way i can stalk him easier Muahahahahaaaa
  6. OHMYGOD!!! i've seen that cos she was wearing a diamond dress by D&G..didnt notice him?! You gotta watch the American Version one Hes at the start arguing with her on the middle of NY city and a couple of shots later on too
  7. if you can tell me the title of the "making of that video" on youtube, i can see if i can post it here so that you and everybody can view it Ohhh thanks. Its actually on the youtube link i gave you, just scroll down its called Leona Lewis-Making of the Video "Bleeding Love" Part 1 but if you search that on youtube it wont come up with anything so just go through the link i gave u
  8. Ohhh and hes in Leona lewis 'Bleeding Love' video clip (american release) http://madeinbrazil.typepad.com/madeinbraz...ewis/index.html or on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-ctIC65PV0 theres also a clip of the making of that video on youtube but i cant view it. It says not available in your country :shock: whats that all about??? i want to see it.
  9. Is it true that he's seeing Miranda Kerr????
  10. Yep that's her name Lily Cole.
  11. I wanna win.......I wanna win.........ooohh....let me win....please..........Did I win???
  12. I know who she is but cant remember her name and shes not his wife because iam his wife Muahahahaaaaa
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