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  1. It depends on the model of AC you have. I own mitsubishi electric city multi P1016V-E and I can fix it without outside help just with manuals. So if you wanna you can just check this info about manuals to ac. I guess you will find exact tutor for your model.
  2. Idk. Maybe there are some new hobbies of mine. Maybe not. I lost myself and I don't even know what to do. I try to read books all the time, and sometimes relaxing in the wood. P.S. What things do you make of wood?
  3. I am thinking about all this situation in my country because of the virus. Hope it will be over soon
  4. I rarely play pc games but I prefer playing new type of games like augmented reality or even virtual reality. It gives me more opportunites and emotions through game process. I've checked augmented reality open source to learn more about this industry and I guess it's gonna become a great prospect in game development indeustry through.
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    Unfortunately euro2020 has been moved to 2021
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