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  1. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  2. There you go... Costume National F/W 08 Model: Stas Svetlichnyy Ph. Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello thanks to cul8tr from FashionSpot
  3. You can find bout him on english web pages so much but there is almost nothing bout him on russian thats weird! Thats all i could find ...
  4. i was just kidding bout me being Stas... interesting that you guys got it as a real info. The reason i know so much is cause i work with him sometimes and we are in touch on myspace. i'm using his nick name from mysapace as mine case i like it, its cool. So thats why i still keep saying him and he insted of i'm and me when i talk bout Stas.
  5. What you gonna do if he doesnt know himself if hes gay or not? I know he was single for a long time though!
  6. Funny, i think he didnt go to Paris this season, but they still had his card ready for the shows. I've heard that guys dont get paid well in Paris, so thats must be the reason, why i didnt see him in any shows. But he went to Milan though. I've seen him at MQ...
  7. Did you guys see her additourial shoot where she's supposibly Jon Galiano!? That looks preaty cool, i've seen it @ my freinds place, but still cant find the magasine m yself.
  8. thanks a lot, respect... no that i care a lot but for her would be better! BTW if you'll crop that pic and make it as a close up, head shot you'll see that she's still looks wery butyful!
  9. thanks for rare pic... That photo doesnt look professional, looks like personal pic, so i gess you know her realy well. I've got some simmilar photos of my x-girlfreind...
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