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  1. you look adorable with isabeli Congratulations on meeting your idol :) where did you meet her?

  2. OMG no way!!! that is so awesome!!! I am so jealous :) So tell me about it, do you have pictures? where did you meet? PM me if you have time



  3. How is milanos most beautiful girl doing? :) I send you lots of love from the states.

  4. Yeah I really miss that as well ;) you are so funny... We should definitely plan a date ahahah anyways... so whats new? anything crazy or strange happen lately?


  5. I actually have been enjoying this cold weather, the other day it was hot again, and I couldn't stand it :( I wish there was 60 weather every day, that way it feels like air conditioning :)... Well g2g take care cool dude


  6. hey there boss ;)

    how are things? Hopefully everything is well...kisses

  7. Hey joe!!

    Its really nice hearing from you :) yeah I've been really busy lately with work and all, so I haven't really had any time to even sit down and go online. So whats going on with you? whats new?

    Take it easy

  8. Hey my friend just wanted to say HI!!!! How are you? Is everything ok? I love that new picture of isabeli you have in your profile, AMAZING!!! :)

    Big Hug


  9. love you my friend :) :) :)


    miss u

  10. happy valentines day to you too sweet heart :)


  11. hey there kristi

    Sure no problem, let me know when this issue is resolved. I myself am not able to view my previous messages. Love and kisses.

  12. Hey there sweetie :) how are you? Just dropping by to say hi

  13. hey my friend im back!!!

  14. Well boss... Get ready to not see me for longer! I have to send in my computer for repairs, its going to take about 2-3 weeks. But on the bright side, I do have my handy playstation portable ;) So I can still receive my mission briefings ahah Well talk to you later dear


  15. take good care of yourself my dear ;) and come back in one piece.

  16. besitos cachetona ajajaja ;)

    Un abrazote!!!


  17. hey there! how are you?

  18. Hey baby girl hahaha how is my sexy boss doing? Hope that operation went well in England ;)... I'm sure Joe will fill me in on the results



  19. Kiss and hug my friend...

  20. I think your the one in black...correct?

  21. oh no, not at all... It was just an observation :) I love the picture you posted in your about me page... Again I'm confused which one is you haha you both look like twins.

  22. why am I so cute??? Honestly I don't know :-) hahaha lol Just noticed you were born the same year as me...

  23. I'm Jorge

    A pleasure meeting you ;)

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