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  1. she looks great! I love the cover
  2. hows it going?


  3. that was the picture I wanted to show you... asked if I could keep it, but they didn't let me hahaha
  4. great photos... Isabeli looks better every day. Thank you francey
  5. great work everybody! Give yourself a pat on the back
  6. =) Glad you had fun, I just love that pic... its priceless. So how is your modeling career going?


  7. =) I'm glad you like it, it reminds me of how thoughtful and caring you are.

  8. Hey Friend!!! How are you? I sent you a pm.

  9. Hello!!!

    It's been so long that I haven't heard from you. Nice to hear from you =)


  10. hi friend!!

    How are you? Did you get my pm?

  11. True true, nothing wrong with being busy. As far as parties go, you know I'm not much of a party person... You would have to teach me hahaha. The phili must of been really cool journey, do you have family there? So whats new with you my friend?


  12. alien777

    VS Model's ID

    is the same girl? http://www2.victoriassecret.com/commerce/o...&rfnbr=5708
  13. hey grl how are you? Hope life is treating you well ;)

  14. absolutely adorable... Great smile
  15. I love the blue outfit shes wearing there.... kind of reminds me of an x-men costume or something ahaha, shes beautiful. Thank you
  16. hahah yeah I did that =) forgot there was a limit to what you can fit in there. Well I'm off to work... Have a great weekend joe.

    Take care


  17. way... Mostly Remote control hobby stuff.

  18. Hey man that sounds great! Glad you don't have to be traveling around so much, less trouble right. NYC sounds great, would love to visit the place one day when I have the chance. Everything is going well with me, working at bestbuy as a sales associate, moving up to auto tech later this month =) so I'm really excited about it. Everything else is great, picked up some hobbies along the

  19. Hey there! How is my partner in crime haha. Well life is good, working like a mad man, and slacking off on occasion hahah. Weather has been pretty terrible for the most part.... Real hot! My sisters are doing well, growing up too fast for me to keep up. How are you?

  20. hello my friend... How are you? How is school going... We haven't spoken in ages.


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