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  1. shes looking amazing in that dress
  2. Awww =( well thats a kick in the keister! One day you will be a senior editor. I know you have the potential and the creative mind for that ;) Work is going well, kind of want to do something else. Fam is awesome, alive and healthy... ANd you?


  3. P.s Don't be a stranger, do you have my email? I will send it to you through PM. Oh and I finally finished my website.... Sort of =)


    Check it out and tell me what you think of it


  4. Hi sweet friend!

    It's quite alright, I know your working hard on getting your degree and sometimes you don't have any time. Hey but one day this will all pay off! I know it!!! I myself am doing well, working at an Electronics store moving my way up. Trying to get another job at the moment ;)

  5. Its allot better, I personally don't use it myself but allot of my clients have switched to it and swear by it.
  6. 1. firefox 2. wysiwyg 3. super video converter 4. itunes 5. winrar 6. pidgin 7. photoshop 8. dvd fab platinum 9. VLC 10. kaspersky internet security
  7. Damn homey! Sounds like you have allot on your plate... But I bet you'll have enough money to get that diamond grill you always wanted =) ahahha

  8. Couldn't agree more =) take care!

  9. Whats up girl!!!

  10. Love that sig my man =)

  11. That is great news! Where is the show this year? ^ lovely pic by the way.
  12. I saw the pic on the right at the mall a few weeks ago
  13. beautiful as always! Thank you my friend!
  14. how adorable... What a beautiful family she has
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