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  1. hahah yeah I did that =) forgot there was a limit to what you can fit in there. Well I'm off to work... Have a great weekend joe.

    Take care


  2. way... Mostly Remote control hobby stuff.

  3. Hey man that sounds great! Glad you don't have to be traveling around so much, less trouble right. NYC sounds great, would love to visit the place one day when I have the chance. Everything is going well with me, working at bestbuy as a sales associate, moving up to auto tech later this month =) so I'm really excited about it. Everything else is great, picked up some hobbies along the

  4. Hey there! How is my partner in crime haha. Well life is good, working like a mad man, and slacking off on occasion hahah. Weather has been pretty terrible for the most part.... Real hot! My sisters are doing well, growing up too fast for me to keep up. How are you?

  5. hello my friend... How are you? How is school going... We haven't spoken in ages.


  6. hey cypress!! how are you?

  7. ei!! como estas preciosa? Todo Bien?


  8. how are you? long time we haven't spoken

  9. Ei!!! como estas chamita!

  10. hey there buddy! long time no see... How have you been?

  11. happy b-day. I owe you one ;)


  12. Hey did you go to san fran? That is such a hilarious pic! I love it =)

  13. awesome opportunity... cant wait to get dirty ;)



  14. =) Your sweet too. Really glad your well. I'm happy for you, glad your being productive, and happy about it. That to me is the sign of true success. So what have you been up too? How is your website by the way? Still need a partner for it? I'm your man hahah. Really happy myself, my manager is allowing me to train to become an autotech, or car radio installer for best buy. This is such an

  15. Hey there pretty girl =)... How have you been? Judging by your comments you've been on vacation, or on some amazing modeling tour right :).... I'm glad your better now, you gave me a scare when I heard you got in that terrible accident. Write back ;) k



  16. hey there, stopping by to say hi =)


  17. Nice to hear from you! Been real busy with work. But that doesn't mean I should not make time for my friends here on bz. We will talk soon


  18. hey there!!! Long time no see. How have you been? =)



  19. Hello my sweet friend! I hope you are well and having fun.

    Much love


  20. Wow k bien!!! me parese tremenda carera. Perdon por responder tan tarde, se corto mi internet... Mandame un mensajito cuando quieras!



  21. Que lindo!!! Felicidades Clau!!! Y que piensas estudiar muneca?


  22. jaja esta bien. Y como esta pasando su verano? Paso buen tiempo en la playa? Me encantaria ir a la playa, pero las de texas estan teribles jajaj la agua parese tiera jajaj.

  23. me encanta su nombre!!! Pero si quiere la llamo clau ;)

  24. Wow que lindo! A mi me encanta espana es un pais muy lindo, mi papa vivio en madrid por un tiempito. Y pues Venezuela es un pais hermoso tambien, me encantaria poder visitiarlo un dia, poder comer las comidas jajaja. Le mando mi hotmail si me quiere agregar a su msn... se lo mando por mensaje privado okis!!!




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