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  1. Well that's a shame... I mean people not crediting you and all, also because you have to work twice as hard on every pic. I have many of your HQ's in my collection, actually I think I have almost every pic mostly or actually none have watermarks on them, must of been when you didn't do this process.
  2. Hey Sasha I was on your site, and I noticed your pictures are all watermarked... how come you decided to do that?
  3. shes at my home well..... home town
  4. :shock: wow! Very sexy video haha and excellent quality too. THank you francy
  5. Como esta la nina con los ojos mas lindos del mundo?

  6. I cannot wait to see her tonight.
  7. what a mega post! Thank you fran
  8. Her body looks so incredible, she has such sex appeal!
  9. haha I thought not =) but I guess its tradition to say it to everyone...

    Warm hugs friend


  10. Ciao!

    Happy Thanksgiving friend!!!

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