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  1. Sorry, but I totally disagree. This is not correct. I wonder why this your decision?! Additionally here where threads mentioned which nobody moved - so why now this one? Declaration: Princia is a fashion model like at least the half of all models who are part of the fashion model thread. Further more she is a designer of african fashion. Which model got these skills? She is in the beginning of her modeling. So, please give her a chance. I hope her thread will be pushed back into the fashion model thread where it belongs to as soon as possible like it was pushed falsely wise.
  2. christophe clovis (2019) instagram 📸: Christophe Clovis
  3. instagram New dance wearing a top she designed herself ( @biyane.g )
  4. FaceTime Shoot (2020) instagram 📸: underground_nyc
  5. wild wild west (2020) Instagram 📸: Erwin Loewen
  6. Princia at home - Yellow vibes ☀️ (2020) instagram Source/ Dance:
  7. olivier sarrant (2020) instagram 📸: Olivier Sarrant
  8. Princia doing a little dance, wearing a top she designed herself ( @biyane.g ) instagram welcome if s.o. can save this here
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