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  1. i think the VS show wasnt really a fashion show, but intended for a different purpose.
  2. this is very interesting..no further comments.
  3. yeah i like how simple she is, but i also agree she dosent have that it factor, regardless shes probably my favorite; and i find her character to be quite funny, id love to chill with this girl.
  4. how to get pneumonia with Kelly Gale
  5. they wouldn't do her lips bigger and leave the nose the same. In facr, you can tell it's a thinner nose. And on that note, once you get a little plastic surgery you get the whole package, especially if you are a popular in demand model...so surely she has done her share of procedures..with the old picture it is easy to tell...if you want evidence regarding this claim, search for it - otherwise leave it as an opinion.
  6. Reminds me of the Enron Commercial, Ask Why. Brilliant really.
  7. shes a great model, but really dislike her personality..so try hard.
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