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  1. Kristina Sufin-Chosson? from spring 2003 NN presents Boutique Europa catalog pp 62 and 66.
  2. FYI, if you're still interested in Kohl's models there is a nice blog for the younger teen-young adult babes that I found recently. You could try that site, it's been up for years so you can look back at the career starts of the likes of Carla Ossa, Taylor Marie Hill, and Nina Agdal among others. This is a link to the site and I hope you find it helpful. Site operator is The Collector on blogspot.com. http://catalogcuties.blogspot.com/2018/03/kohls-catalog-cuties.html?m=1
  3. Wow, I take a little bike ride to the store and get a response like that. Thanks KimFlorida. I just did my own internet search on the IDs you provided and I'm positive all three are correct, although I find the girls have a different look compared to where I know them from; the catalog look. It's always a little less glamour. Nieves Alvarez appeared in Spiegel catalogs and Krista Cassidy in Lane Bryant. And if you know those late 90s catalogs there was another girl that looked similar to her and I recently scrounged to find her name and that would be Stacey Elder. She definitely looks so much hotter outside the pages of Lane Bryant. I'm going to try to post better catalog photos of each girl because I'm logging my catalogs and have them at hand. Thanks again for that great start.
  4. My name is Keith andI'm a 1st time poster, new to Bellazon and I have a decent collection of catalogs saved and pix of era late 80s to 2006 babes. I've read through postings and I hope modelknowledge responds to this post. I've struggled with IDs for years and conquered a few puzzlers but I still have some really big ones I'd appreciate an ID to. These are 90s babes that I've collected hundreds of pix of and I can't get them. I've figured out hottie similarities like Basia Milewicz/Ingrid Seynhaeve/Camilla Vest and Almudena Fernandez/Fernanda Motta and a bunch of others. In these pix I have two, named zoid1 and zoid2, whom I thought at one time were the same girl. While I now can distinguish them easily, I still don't know ether's names. I uploaded actual photos of my collection so they are sloppy pictures but I'm thinking some of these models are an easy ID to some of Bellazon's experts. This would help me complete my model pix collection that I've been working to finish. I'm 50 and it's a completion of a 30 year hobby.
  5. I saw her credited once as Patti and I too would like to know her full name. She was a crush of mine, big babe.
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