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  1. Hi! Yes it was me I am glad that you like her and I agree with you - she has a very nice(elegant) style but I believe that every girl also has her own unique style. Never forget to keep your own unique style I dont know why I am saying these things but yes she will give you a nice ideas by her beautiful outfits! Thank you for your thoughts and opinion on her! Enjoy Rosie!
  2. I agree with you and thank you for your kind words about Rosie! And thanks other people for posting nice pics of her, specially Ewciolina.
  3. Maybe! Thank you @Ewciolina for your answer!
  4. Sometimes when I am looking at them together, I don't understand her boyfriend. Almost always angry face, now all his attention on his phone, just don't understand him. But there is a reason why she has many friends (men) her age, cause he sometimes acts like her dad, in this case like a teenager with his phone. But I hope and believe that she is happy with him! A woman like her needs to be happy, she is very kind and beautiful inside/out so she deserves that! There is a reason (love I guess) why she is with her boyfriend so I guess I just sometimes doesn't understand what she does. Most impo
  5. Thank you @Ewciolina for all your posts. You are always so active Always nice to see what you will post! Also thanks to other people too!
  6. Wow. Love this picture. She is so beautiful! Thanks @Ewciolina
  7. Thanks, Ewciolina. Hot collection! She looks very sexy! She doesn't look slightly pregnant or a little bit fat. @Clauds But I understand you. The thing is that after pregnancy some women have permanent changes - bigger ass, some - bigger breasts or even smaller, depends on the woman. Also other factors - photoshoot angles, clothes. But she looks very nice and beautiful, she is not 19 years old and she had a baby so... . Anyway, she is a very sexy girl! Thanks again @Ewciolina
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