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  1. Hey, good to see you're still alive!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Read your PMs!

  3. {name}


    Judging by your sreenshots, there is no way it's 25-30 mbps average. I would guess about 15-16. The last year's 35Mbit version I have wasn't available to the public - it's an uplink to the affiliates, so I'm not talkling about the version you can capture - It's very HQ. As you can see, I favour high quality. Of course I didn't use a previous encode, I made it from the original transport stream.
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    I've made a 720p encode in MP4 format, so it's compatible with PS3 and XBOX 360. 1280x720, [email protected]~7200Kbps, AAC 2.0 (because of XBOX) You can find the DL links here: http://vsholic.com/videos The source was not the best quality this year, there wasn't a 35Mbit version available, like last year. <_< Tehnical question to VampireHorde: what's the average bitrate of your capture? (e.g. mpeg2repair)
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    MOD-TV VSFS 2008 iPod version from iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...mp;id=111082774
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    Here is the 1080i version for HDTV fans: http://www.mininova.org/tor/2066839
  7. No, that's Pacific Time. There is a countdown clock on the main page.
  8. Mylo - Drop the pressure

  9. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

  10. Oh, I know, I know...

  11. Hey, I think I saw you somewhere :)

  12. No time for bashing? That must be painful.

  13. Whoops... I haven't seen your comment. I will call back the Teddys.

  14. So you just ignore me. :(

    You never heard about my Cannibal Teddys? They will find you... and eat you. Then each other.

  15. Hello - hello. What happened to you again?

  16. ...ct moderator. I'm not at all. haha.

    OOOPS, too much information to one post...

  17. About me? Well, life just sucks without you... Oh and it was so hot here that I almost melted. Other than that I'm fine. Nothing happens. Even the shoutbox is boring, no fight at all. I wrote a few lines of my imaginary Angels perfume fight with a lot of blood, but almost no reaction... The forum is almost dead as well, so it's easy to manage when you have nothing do, not if I'm a stri

  18. How's your notebook?

  19. Cool. I missed you.

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