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  1. Sorry im a little late but thank you hun! :)

  2. Thanks so much for my set! :)

  3. It's awesome! i love it :)

  4. Thank u for making me it :)

  5. hehe Happy birthday adriana! lol i love her! just felt like writing it he cuz we're like one of the biggest fans! lol!! =)

  6. k, thanks a lot hun! :)

  7. haha i even forgot about that! but yeah sure u can use ur pics :) btw thank u! <3

  8. heyy hunn! how are ya?

  9. Love the new avi!!!! ♥

  10. haha no i dont have one! i use to but i closed it like 3 times lolll!

  11. hahah i know! i HATE getting up im like always latee!!!! hahah but yeah that would be cool! u have a myspace?

  12. haha im sure u will! so whats up? how's school going?

  13. hahaha i know i felt the same way! But trust me id wanna go back to being 16 lol...anyways, how's school going for you??

  14. haha yeah im seriously going to try it one of these days! and ill let u know what they say...cuz im sure they take this kind of stuff into consideration. hope they come up with another event like this!!!!

  15. aww haha dont worry! actually enjoy it while u can! its better being 16!!! hahaha!

  16. hahaa chubby babys are the cutest!!! awww lol! and im 19. how old are u??

  17. aww thanks :0) and yess thats me!!! i was a very chubby baby hahah! yeah but seriously i think i would look more south american than what i really am lol!

  18. oh yeah i know what u mean...but honostly its nothing compared to how much work ull have to do in college u know so u might as well enjoy it while u can. are u a senior now? but yeah dont worry it'll go by pretty fast...and yes im still in chicago, oh and why dont u come by to chicago sometime since ur brothers here!! that would be aweosme! and chicago is really fun theres a lot to

  19. oh cool! so she's ur half sister? and yeah i wanna meet adriana soooooooooooooo badly! im still upset because they never like send any good models to chicago although chicago is so big u know? i was thinking if its possible to like call VS or something the headquarters lol...idk but u never know it might just work! we should try that!!! =))

  20. wow thats awesome! im from pakistan lol but i dont look like it at all...lol =)

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